Littie girl panties

Love to sniff little pee pee stains have to be little girl panties white cotton pink LACE COTTON CROUCH full or bikini CUT hate thong like in the seventh all girls wore beautiful little PANTIES.

Mar 21, 2020

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  • I collect them

  • It’s a CROTCH not a CROUTCH you illiterate donkey!

  • You guys are either trolls which I hope. Or pedos which in that case I hope you die and go to h***

  • I am after used panties of girls aged 8 to 12 to m********* with. I have now more than 50 in my collection!!

  • My great nieces smell lovely

  • Love using my great nieces

  • How old

  • From 3 to 12

  • Lovely age range,have you tried all of them?

  • Yes

  • You lucky f***** what age best smell

  • I like the 3 yr olds she is just toilet trained and sometimes peesin them a bit I love the taste

  • Very nice

  • Yes they taste and smell amazing, the other girls are nice too though

  • Do you sniff and suck the crotch first?

  • Of course

  • Who’s do u like the best description of them please

  • I like the little cotton cartoon ones

  • My ex gf had a 6yr old daughter. She used to let me bath her. I would undress her and get to soap up her young body. She even let me clean between her legs. Just touching her soft young skin and bald kitty was mindblowing. Later I would put her panties on my head and sniff and lick the crotch till I had the most massive load of cu m.

  • Slip a finger in her it feels amazing

  • Love bathing my granddaughter she is 4

  • You get a nice feel?

  • Real good, finger inside too

  • Why was it mind blowing touching her. Bald cunny

  • Because her bald cunny was 6 yr old soft smooth tight and untouched. The look on her young pretty face of enjoying the touch was also mind blowing

  • So nice to feel, was it just your mind that blew?

  • I would take her dirty knickers and blow a massive load in them. They would be totally soaked in my cu m. Best blow ever had.

  • So nice, did she have them put back on her full ofcum?

  • Would have liked her to lick my cu m off her knickers but washed them instead. Knowing my cu m still soaked her knickers was nice specially when I saw her with them on again.

  • Lol I’d like to see my 10 yr nieces in there little knickers

  • I would love to wear their knickers

  • So would I or without them!

  • Do you stroke off thinking about your 10 yr old neice.

  • No but she’s going to be a hottie

  • Have she got breast buds

  • Omg I am looking at my nieces now in my sisters garden so bad.

  • Lovely sniffing and licking them from a 6yr old,did she like you washing herpussy?

  • She did like me washing herpussey. She would giggle and open her legs wider so i could clean it properly. I used to take my time. Sometimes she would close her eyes and lay back in the bath. Also i used to get dressed where she could see me. I could see her sweet young eyes staring at my very Hardcock. Couple of times I stroked till I came while she was watching. She didn't know I could see her. After that she would often look and I would give her a great show. She was a very pretty girl with am amazing body. We never spoke about it. I miss those days and still get hard and blow a massive load just for her.

  • You need to make sure you take your time and do a proper job, sometimes it helps to use your tonge to really make sure it is clean

  • Would have liked to use my tongue to clean her properly. Still amazing to touch a soft smooth 6yr old body all over. She liked when I washed her nipples. She would gasp and they would get hard.
    I bathed her often. She wanted me too. She liked to play horses on me and I would make sure my Hardcock was right where she could ride it. She would thrust back and forward on me and close her eyes. I knew she came as her eyes would close and she would tilt her head back and gasp. Amazing to feel her bald kitty though cotton panties on my co ck. When I blew a massive load I would tell her it's because she made me happy.

  • Did she watch you blow?

  • She did watch me blow. At first she didn't know why it was white creamy. I explained she made me happy so that was how I showed how happy I was. After that I would tell her when I was about to blow and she would watch the massive spurting load with a smile on her very pretty face.

  • Did you shoot any s**** over her

  • I encouraged her to rub it in my belly. She said yuk but did it anyway smiling and giggling.

  • She needed a taste then she wouldn't say yuck!

  • Her soft little hand would have done a better job of it

  • Soft young hand would be great but to feel her 6yr old cunny through her knickers was so amazing. Specially when she would cu m too.

  • Nicer to take her knckers off and get a really good feel, finger up inside

  • Cumon her littlepusey

  • I know they can c** at that age my 6yo gets wet easy

  • I want to taste her

  • It tastes gorgeous and smells slightly musky.mmmm

  • I would lick her good and put my tonge in her a***

  • That's the age they like getting touched my little one used to get quite wet .I was giving her a piggy back when she was that age she had loose shorts on my finger happened to slip into her panties and onto her bald p**** I was fingering her p**** and it got wet then she got down I smelt my finger with her watching and she gave me a smile ,she knew ok and asked for piggy backs after that

  • Strange how sometimes your fingers "just happen" to slip I that tight little hole isn't it

  • Did u taste ur fingers

  • How old was her c***.

  • 6 is that ok

  • Totally perfect!

  • That's best age smooth bald c*** beautiful taste

  • Best age I per older with nice part young t***

  • Any tooyung to have hair

  • Yes it tasted great would you have tasted your finger if you had fingered her wet bald c***?

  • Prefer to just taste hercunt

  • And me she could c** over my tongue

  • Lovely 6yr oldpussy juice

  • Lucky you. Best I had was 13 year old knickers. Still sweet to taste. Younger is better. 10 yr would be my perfect knickers sniffing. Peer and pus say stains. Hmmmm hard as just thinking about them

  • Love the pee ones

  • I sniff my 8 yo nieces white cotton school panties pee and c** stains absolutely gorgeous ,cant stop wanking and spunking over them.

  • Then put them back on her

  • Great age

  • Hmmmm smell that little girl cu nt hon ey. Then lick it all nice and clean.

  • Omg why is this making me so h****

  • Me too! love their panties

  • Nothing nicer

  • Then lick herpussy

  • Do you think they'd enjoy getting licked out at that age?

  • Love to find out

  • Little full brief cotton panties not thongs, not enough crotch to sniff and lick with thongs

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