Wearing panties and pantyhose

I’m a straight male and love to wear pantyhose and panties. That’s all I wear. I never wore my sisters panties or mother’s things or sniff them. Once I went into my girlfriends daughter drawer and wore her panties. This started late in life. I can’t remember the first time I did. I did like to wear men thongs. I don’t know. I don’t have a collection either. I did just recently ordered pantyhose for men on wish. They have a lot of things for men. I also like to post my nudes on newbienudes. U can post your nudes. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my ass. It’s a pretty good site. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I never dress up when I post. Women post on there also. I just like the way pantyhose feel on me.

Mar 23, 2020

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  • I love the way pantyhose feel and look. I am 46 and I wear pantyhose all the time and have since before I was 11 years old. Its fun to buy pantyhose in the store and just recently bought 6 pairs of nude maternity pantyhose to wear and have fun playing with myself in them.

  • I wear gel brea st inserts. They are amazing and feel close to a real woman's brea sts. Always wear panties and bra everyday.will never go back.

  • I started late in life wearing women's clothes bras knickers pantyhose. Every night I have a padded bra and nightie on. Totally understand why woman wear this stuff. Never gunna stop. I feel so good I can't wait till bed time now. All I need is a big Hardcock rammed down my throat and a mouth filled with hot creamy cu m and life is perfect.

  • I've been blessed with a gorgeous boybutt and have been wearing my sister's panties like forever!

  • Hi I would love to see your boy butt and even be naked with you as I also wear nylon bikini panties and bras and sometimes hose and also use maxi pads and tampons in my panties. where do you live as I would love to be naked with you. How old are you and are you gay?

  • Uh huh, I think so? I mean I'm going into my sophomore year of high school next year and don't really know if I'm gay or bi???

  • Hello darlings, wearing ladies clothes is so exotic, so sensual and so arousing. I am a good looking young male who loves going out fully dressed as Holly Willoughby the tv presenter. I have long blond hair (my own) a very feminine face, long legs and a fit slim body.
    I wear flirty mid length silky dresses, just to the knees, hold-up stockings and silk drapy panties which let my manhood hang loose or stand hard without restriction.
    I adore going to picnic places, walking around teasing men sitting in cars. I know they are wanking themselves off. I like it particularly on windy or breezy days when the skirt of my dress is blown about and up exposing my legs and panties. also on sunny days when I know they can see the outline of my legs and maybe my panties through the dress!!!!!! sexy!!!!!!
    Signed Chiffon Sissy

  • I'm young and just started high school and love dressing up with my best friend. He's two years older and kinda helps me with it all. Before I was wearing mostly my sister's clothes but now I have my own. My mom asked me if I wanted to be a girl and I told her that I liked being a boy dressing up like a girl and I mean it.

  • I likeyoung boys dressed as girls

  • I'll dress as a girl for you

  • Send me your email I'll be little girl for you

  • You can pull my panties down

  • Cool, older guys make me feel special!

  • I'll show you my panties I'll be your your pantie boy I'll be your pantie model wear panties for you

  • I would make you feel VERY special in your sexy panties

  • You can put your hand in my panties

  • I want you to see my panties ilove showing my panties send me your email

  • Hi I also wear nylon panties and bras and would love to meet you and have gay s** with you sometime. I wear all kinds of colors of panties and a lot of styles of panties also. Email me at legg.r034@aol.com anytime have a nice day

  • I'll wear white panties for you

  • I would like that, I really would. What kind of panties do you want me to wear?

  • Little girl ones, I love the Disney/hello kitty

  • I'm a boy I wear them you can see my little girls panties

  • I'll show you my panties whener you want

  • Hi I am gay also and wear nylon panties and bras and would love gay s** with you sometime and see you in your panties and bras also. I also like to do enemas with my partners anytime of which I am very experienced. email

  • Do you want to see my Disney panties

  • I'm a boy I wear Disney panties I want you to see mine send me your email I'll show you mine

  • Me too! Lace pretty ones also.

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