A*** s**

I’m a male and love a***. I would love a bunch of ladies get on their knees with their a**** up and take turns f****** them in the ass. I would also love to eat their ass.

Mar 23, 2020

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  • I love f****** my wife in the ass I'm going to try to eat her ass like a cupcake I bet it's tasty

  • I love a***. I do my wife with a*** when she's on her period or when she is likely to be ovulating. She's not to keen but does not resist.

  • Is that the only time you f*** her ass. I’m going out with a new lady and I turned her on to a*** and now she loves it.

  • 19 y.o, caucasian, 180 pounds, 5'7.
    Where you from? I love having a d**** in my ass. All the guys I date aren't into a*** so I've never tried real c*** before. I've never been able to feel anything in my p**** either, so I'm basically numb there... I'd let you f*** my ass on repeat, as long as you c** inside. I don't want to be able to sit for weeks :p

  • That's just priceless!### I think I love you!!!

  • I would love to f*** your virgin ass. I love a*** and would definitely eat your ass before a***. I would f*** u in every position. What position would you like?

  • On my knees taking it in the ass

  • I'd love to open your ass up and I'll eat it first mmmm

  • I’ll grab your hips and pound your ass

  • You sound divine!! Oh, my!!!

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