Having gay s** for the last 2 weeks

I'm 18 and my high school is closed for Corona, I live in Florida and my mom's a nurse working at lot of hours. She has not been home in 5 day.

Our apartment shares a balcony with a 30 year old lawyer Tommy who office is closed. My mom has been trying for a year to get him interested in her. Two weeks ago I found out why.

The was the first day my school was closed and decided to tan on the balcony. Tommy came out in this robe and asked how it going. I said good mom's working a 2 day shift, I'm going to take the sun.

Tommy said mind if I join you? I said no problem, he took off is robe and was naked. My eye nearly pop out of my head. His c*** even soft was 6 inches and his body was ripped.

He laid down and took the sun. I had never been attracted to a guy, but I found myself looking at him and I got hard.

We talked a while and he ask me to put sun block his back, i sat on the side of the lounger and my hands where shaking as I touched his body. I was so turned on, as I was finishing, he rolled over. His c*** was totally erect. It was 9 inches and beautiful.

He touched my face and his hand was on the back of my head. I knew what was going to happen, as he gently guided my mouth to his c***. I closed my eyes as it touched my lips and willingly let it in my mouth.

I was in a daze, the taste of his c*** was so good. It was so long I struggled to take it all. Tommy told me what to do and slowly I took more and more. I ended up deep thoating him. I didn't even gag, it was like I was born to have his c*** in my mouth. He could reach my c*** and jerked me I came fast. And was embarrassed, but he said next time you'll not c** so fast. I kept sucking.

10 minutes later he said, Baby, here it comes. I easily swallowed it all, for the first time in my life I was sexually satisfied.

He pulled me to him and we kissed and he explore my body for 20 minutes. We end up in the shower then in his bed. Tommy is a complete top and I was completely submissive to him.

We started kissing again and he lubricated my ass and I lost my a*** virginity bareback to his magnificent 9 c***. I came ass he ass f***** me and he came in me.

Since that day, I have been a completely submissive gay bottom for him. On the few day mom has been home she slept and i sneak into Tommy apartment, to give him head or be his f*** toy.

I want his c** all the time now. I never knew giving myself completely to another man could make me so happy.

He is so strong , beautiful and sexy, I'll do what ever he wants.

There are alot of gay men in the building complex. During the day he makes blow him as I knell on the balcony. At night he has f***** me as he bends me over the balcony rail. The lights are on and I know people watch us. I see other men j*** off as I'm f***. I'm so exposed and humiliated by this but I want Tommy even more. He is a total man and I'm just a total gay b****. Today he made me j*** off 4 times outside and c** off the balcony.

I'm in love with him, my body is his play thing. I want his c*** in me all the time.

I'm finally able to happy a gay young gay bottom. His c** is what I need.

Mar 24, 2020

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  • Hello met with a friend last night we work together 30years ago knew he was gay always got on well .Went to the pub had a few drinks said I had to go get my dinner as my wife was away said he cook me a dinner .I was ok with that went to his flat had some good good and a few more drinks .Next think I knew he was sucking my clock and he was good at it took me to his bed room had me undress the next to hours are out of this world as he f*** me now I want him more than my wife

  • I was in grade school when I started having s** with an older teenage boy. He f***** me first, even before any sucking. He was so gentle with me, he even would let me keep my underpants on when f****** me. I was so shy about it...He must of f***** me a hundred times that first summer, everywhere and anywhere. Kiddie land had a boat ride called the "tunnel of love" and he enjoyed my first time sucking him and the second ticket ride I stepped out of my navy blue boy shorts and sailor boy underpants printed with an assortment of boats. While he hung on to the sides of the tunnel stopping the boat I climbed up and on his small erect c*** lowering onto it we giggled as he penetrated me. It happened so fast and was so cool, my first time making all the moves! I played little league and in my cute white Sox uniform knickers that gripped my tight well shaped little ass just so right. He'd watch my games because he could see what kind of underpants I had on through the white knickers getting him excited. He'd f*** me after every game he came to. He even brought friends once....

  • Know how you feel when my brother took me for the first time and I duck and swallow he c** I was 15 teen

  • My friends brother took him too. Both of um do it to me when I stay overnight at their house.

  • Tommy sounds hot AF. But You sund hotter!!! SWeet baby boy!!!!

  • U should dress up in heels and stockings and lace panties for him and see if that turns him on. It most likely will. U will feel more like his s*** and very sexy in lingerie. Try it and let me know.

  • Beautiful sweetie the way everything fell you make Tommy happy

  • Tommy is going to continue to ask you to do increasingly sexual things and increasingly perverse things. Show him how eager you are to please him by ALWAYS GOING ALONG. Also, show him your own kinkiness. Join him in the shower sometimes. Kneel in front of him, as if you're about to perform oral on him, but. Before you take him in your mouth, or even in your hand, but while your face is right in front of his d***, beg him for a golden shower. Let him cover you in his urine. After a few seconds of being bathed in his warmth, lean in, take him in your mouth and let no memory himself down your throat until he's emptied himself into your bstomach. After that you will crave his p*** --- and he will love you --- forever.

  • Golden showers are the most intimate form of lovemaking. Y

  • Go suck that big co ck and keep swallowing. You are very lucky.

  • Very very very very dry very very true, my sweet darling.

  • So beautiful and erotic!


  • By any means, measure, or definition, what you are experiencing is true love. Hold on to him for as long as possible. Do whatever it takes. Do what ever he asks, even if it means making love with some of your onlookers or some of Tommy's riends or clients. Give him everything he wants. Be everything he needs. Never let go of him. Never say the word "no" to him. Always be his b****. Always make yourself his complete w****.

  • Ask him to do you in front of his friends. And then another day, ask him to do you in front of your friends. Then have him do you in front of your mother. I know you want for her to see what she's missing and to know you won. Soon you and Tommy will be the most popular and important couple in Calif. You'll be a true "power couple".go for it!!

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