Dad forced gay incest

Im a 22 year old guy. My father f***** my ass almost every night from 15 until 18. He would tied me to the head and foot boards and then take me twice a night leaving me tied up between sessions. After the 3rd night he did it I came at 15 for the first time. When I came he went crazy and he f***** my ass so hard my ass bled for two days. I was disgusted with myself that i came. I was only 15 and thought I must be sick and deserve this because I would get hard as he tied me up.I started to c** every time he f***** me. Then it stopped completely on my 18th birthday.

Every night I waited for him. I started using the ropes on myself. I was so desperate for what he did and to feel it again, I raped my own ass with a wooden baseball base. It was agony and to big for my ass, but inserted it until I came. It wasn't the same.

Two weeks later I went to him with ropes from my bed and begged to be raped again. Dad takes me know several times a day really brutally and with very little lub. I'm in agony as I'm raped but I c** so hard now i pass out almost every time.

I'm so f***** up and sick sexually. I want incestuous a*** from him.I enjoy and want to be tied up by my father. I need for him to commit a*** rape to get sexual satisfaction. Only he can get me hard and make me c**.

We are both home because of the virus and I have been used so many times. My ass is so sore, my c*** hurts from c******.

I want to die, but also want the pain and pleasure.

Mar 25, 2020

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  • My father was also a heavy drinker.I began to play with his c*** and b**** when he was passed out.I loved to lick his c*** and b**** and would actually make his c*** get hard,then I would suck him off and was having so much fun.One night I helped him to his bed as usual and took his clothes off after it apeared that he had passed out.I played and sucked on his c*** making id=t rock hard .He was laying there one second passed out then in the blink of an eye he was up and awake and was forcing my mouth down over his big hard c***.He forced me to give him oral for a very long time including forced deep throat then he raped me anally . the whole experiance went on for almost three hours ,It was the most horrible thing I had ever been put through and hurt so bad that I almost passed out ,,,AT FIRST.. After a while I realized that it didnt hurt any more,,It welt so wonderful and I even came while he was f****** my sissy ass.After that he came in drunk and I helped him to his bed then I did everything I could to make him c** as many times and as hard as possible. At first I forced myself on my father,,then he forced me to be his little s** toy but now we both love what we do together and it feeeels so good. I stopped being Daddies little boy when I started dressing up like a female and now I live with Daddy as his girlfriend and dress and act totally feminine as all times

  • I tie my wife to the bed sometimes face up sometimes face down.

  • Sounds too crazy to be true. I bet it all made up.

  • Please get some therapy. This is so awful for anyone's mental health and report him to the police for rape and incest. You said it yourself you want to die so you know it's wrong. If needed find someone else to have s** with to replace him. I'm so sorry you went through this and have these feelings, this is probably because you have a dependancy on him now and he makes you feel like you need to get his attention through s**. My guess is you don't get any love from your father apart from this. I don't know what is happening with your mother if she's around or not but either way this isn't healthy and I hope you get some help. Call the police please. You are not giving consent you have been manipulated and conditioned by your father.

  • I agree with you. All s** should ALWAYS be consensual. I'm pro incest but I'm totally against rape.

  • Incest is just a symptom of a deeper problem. This argument that it's all about love is just a cover-up of a deeper issue here. Somewhere down the family line no proper boundaries were given. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the family line had some severe sexual abuse. So, this isn't about love in the family, but disrespect, power and control. Even if it's consensual! The person is only concerned about themselves and their needs. It becomes self-centered. They can rationalize and justify their behaviors, but in reality they really are hurting themselves and others with no regard. They most likely cannot develop healthy relationships outside of family. Lets put it this way: A healthy brother and sister will not/never engage in s** with each other. Either as children or as adults. But, those that do are really sick psychologically, and need intense therapy to get well. Eventually down the road people involved in incest will have to face their demons, and I can tell you that it will not be pretty. It will be painful. Incest is just plain wrong

  • I believe your explanation may be right for some cases but certainly not for all. S** should never involve a child whether it's incest or not. But s** between family adults is acceptable with the use of birth control. I it's very easy to generalize when we are talking about incest and to assume that all incest is abusive or bad when that most definitely is not always the case. It is not uncommon for siblings to experiment with each other as they grow, it may not lead to intercourse but touching or masturbing is very normal. I had a sexual loving relationship with my mother and I enjoyed it. I was not abused and i was able to give consent because I was of legal age. For me it was a positive in my life because I feel I learnt a great deal from this experience. I haven't been harmed in any way and I've gone on to have a successful career and marriage. I still remain close to my mother but we no longer have s**. Please keep an open mind on the subject of incest and don't forget incest in some countries is actually legal between adults.

  • I can possibly understand 2nd hand incest like cousins. However I don't think mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers should be having s** with each other. I understand you grew up and are now happily married and congratulations on that. But I belive not everyone can distinguish the difference between just testing and what the relationship is suppose to be. Also isn't it technically cheating on your father with your mother? Or did they have a open relationship. That part is also confusing. I think it's just weird especially when it's direct family. I think I'm gonna leave these forms tbh. It's more incest and pedos than anything and the comments usually suck b****. Again I'm glad you grew up happy I wish that for everyone in the end. Unless your a pedo or rapist then yeah

  • Hi, thanks for you reply. I personally think it's good to have these debates on subjects such as incest and what's considered acceptable family dynamics. We are of the same opinion when it comes to children and they should be left alone and nothing sexual should happen. Although, sibling experimentation does happen but that is maybe another subject or is it? I think we all have our own preferences when it comes to sexual preferences eg being gay, bi, blond, brunette, s** with relatives etc. I too believe that not everyone can distinguish the difference between just testing and what the relationship is suppose to be but that's the problem because what felt right for me may not feel to another. Which is why only adults should be allowed to have a sexual relationship with family members. It's only right for people like me to have that choice. My mother had divorced my father in my early years so there wasn't any cheating. I don't agree with cheating at all. Nor do I agree with rape, anything to do with animals or children that is just completely wrong. Try not to leave this site as I believe debates are healthy and creates understanding between people and our differences.

  • S** should always be consensual

  • Mom: Don't swim in your own gene pool.
    Me: Why?
    Mom: *points to this post*
    Me: Never, I promise...

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