Peeping little girl flashed

On a visit to the relative cousin family while taking bath I aged 20 while bathing was masturbating . As turned to the other side to approach the corner where the drain pit is, I noticed the horizontal crack at waist level on the bathroom door and two little shinning eyes peeping through. I knew it was the 10 year old daughter of my cousin. Feeling the excitement as if to take some cloth which was hung on the hooks on the door, I moved closer to the door so that she may have a good look at my erect c*** and she may not come to eye contact. My c*** head was almost just 2 inches away from her eyes. Casually turning around and facing the light I started slowly pull back my foreskin to and forth giving the little girl a full demonstration of masturbation. As her mother was busy in the kitchen and father out in office, I gave good fifteen minute jerking action in all possible ways. Soaped the c*** and washed it twice watching whether the little eyes were still peeping. When I was about to come, I inched slowly to the door crack for her to see how a c*** e********* the white sperm c**, on to my palm. After finishing the bath as I found the little girl look at me and trying to look at my waist to see any bulges, I thought to give her some other tease.

As I was wearing only a small loose shorts and no underwear, laying down on the couch with one leg folded up and the other leg straight, the little seated on the chair at the other end could view my c*** through the shorts. As if I am browsing my phone I covered my face and opened the camera view to see whether she is noticing my c***. Yes she was trying to see through the shorts my c***. Casually I scratched my c*** with one hand to give it a erection start and excited the girl is watching it was easy erection. After that I got up took the little girl as if loving and allowed her to sit on my lap with the erect p**** on the side of my shorts, which I adjusted to be between her butt crack. But I did not touch her in any other ways. She too knew that she is sitting on hot rod and I could feel her butt pulsating on my c***. When I felt I may c** if continued leaving the child moved to my room.

Further the door crack peeping of the little girl gave me the idea of peeping my cousin's wife. While the gorgeous lady went for the bath, I also peeped for the first time and had a good view of hairy p**** leading to happy masturbation.


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  • So when you visited a “cousin family” and took a bath and aged 20 years? WTF kind of bath was that?!?

    I mean did you age 20 years in that bath cause you were masturbating? Was that the side effect?

  • At the age of 9 I was in the bathroom bathing. Being small kid the door was kept open and my cousin sister aged 3 years came into bathroom and was watching me bathing nude. When I was drying with the towel she came too close and just touch my small unerect p**** and spoke in her own language saying dirty shame and started to pull and shake. To my surprise I had an erection and astonished to see it growing with much tingling in the loins. Feeling good I did not stop her and she played with my erect p**** and was laughing. Later hearing someone noise I shooed her away and got dressed left the bath. In the night I thought such and event and could not sleep. I slowly touched my p**** while under the bed sheet and immediately I could see my p**** growing with that same tingling and I started to shake it. After some enjoyment somewhere I fell asleep. Since then I have been masturbating regularly. But I could dare not touch my little cousin.

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  • 3 would feel so nice

  • I got to bath my gf 6yr old girl. Very pretty soft young body. She enjoyed me touching her all over. She liked me washing between her legs. She would close her eyes and spread more for me. I would stroke her little c*** and cunny lips. When I was washing her hair I would tell her to close her eyes and blow a quiet massive huge load over her hair and face. She thought it was shampoo. I often shoot a huge load thinking about those days.

  • You see you Pedo's just confessed to having a s e x ual act with a child. I tell you Fantasias turn in to reality when giving the chance I wish I knew who you are but I'm glad I don't know that. Thats because I would inject some lead right in you n u t s then your head at no charge.

  • That is lovely, did you lick hercunt too?

  • Unfortunately I didnt lick her sweet bald young cunny. Not because I didn't want too. I was worried she might freak out and tell on me. I kept it like bathing her so she would see it as innocent. I totally enjoyed touching her soft young skin and cunny. Also spun king over her hair and pretty young innocent face was head spinning stuff. Not to mention the gigantic load I spun ked was massive.

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  • I certainly would have

  • I hope you ignore all of these f**** here and stop this now before you ruin your life for a w***. This is leading into pedofilic tenancies. Just stop get help if you need it

  • I sometime give my little niece, 9 yo bath. Actually she often asks for it and I get hard-on doing it and she notices. Often she wanted to touch it. However, one of her favorite past times is watching cartoon on my computer sitting on my lap and I almost inevitably get a hard-on. She does realize it. Lately, I have started to push in my fingers into her panties and find the crack to stroke it. She opens her thighs to give me better access. We both are happy in doing so. I am thinking of showing her my erect c*** and let her stroke it....

  • You ARE A SICK PEDO THAT NEEDS A LEAD INJECTION IN THE HEAD. You perverts tell me that Fantasias with children are ok. But here you are stating that you are preforming s e x ual acts on some poor child. Kill yourself.

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  • Getting a feel of it and stroking would probably make her happy but if she does it for you it is only fair you take her knickers off and do her too

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  • You should have had s** with her. She would have loved it and you would have be able to have a great time with her so young. No b**** and pubic hair but a great place to fill with c**

  • J once tried once after fingering this 6 yo c*** for weeks. When I could insert two of my fingers lubed with petroleum gel, I took her to my bed, spread out her thighs and looked at her hairless inviting p**** before me for few minutes. Asked her to close her eyes and spread wide her p**** lips. Took pit my tool, drew up my foreskin exposing the shinning k***. I rub the c*** head along her slit (she giggled) and slowly tried to push into her hole. Alas! I could go into her only the k*** before which I came in gushes!! OMG - I failed to control myself.

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  • Must have felt really good even though you couldn't go all the way in, you eat her pusey too?

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  • Someone hit you on the head as a baby? Only way your this stupid

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  • Open the door ask her to come in and do it for you, her hand doing it would feel so much nicer

  • Stop being pedos omfg

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