Lockdown s**

So after lockdown started i got talking to my neighbour and she said she didnt know how she would last the 3 weeks without s** and was flirting with me knowing my gf was inside, my neighbour is really hot and always showing off her body and she said to me if only there was someone to jump the fence at night to help me out and now im thinking i should just f*** her what do you all think

Mar 26, 2020

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  • I’m bi and love to have s** with both male and female. I’m very open minded and love it all. If you want to talk email me. I have lots to talk about. mparky99@gmail.com

  • I think stupid people shouldn't breed. But since you are more b**** than brains, at least wrap that rascal

  • She's got the Coronavirus you stupid f uck.

  • She can't have Coronavirus because she doesn't drink corona!

  • You probably won’t be the only guy jumping the fence to f*** her, which means your chances of getting you and your girlfriend sick increase, but it’s a small price to pay to f*** a s***.

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