Small b****

I've tried to grow my b**** for two, almost three years, now and nothing has changed. I've gone back and forth between happy and confident to sad and hopeless. I know breast size doesn't matter, but I have always wanted big b****** because I personally like them. I have ranted to my best friend about it before, but she's a D cup and doesn't understand. She always tells me how she doesn't understand, and everytime she's tried to help it just doesn't work because I'm so set on getting a bigger bust. I legit want like a D or a DD, but I barely fill a 34A. On my period I can sort of fill it, but off my period it's about halfway filled. I have tried everything, and I just want to get them naturally without surgery. I want to feel sexy and feminine, though you are still sexy and feminine with small b******. You look good despite the size of your b******, but I personally do not like mine whatsoever and want bigger b****** desperately. I'm losing lots of positivity over this



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  • You are fine don't follow society and worry about what you have. Women spend millions on body mods and Its not worth it. You will find someone who will love you for you and not fake implants. If you have children you top half will get bigger. If you are under twenty-five your top half may have growth spurts.

  • Keep losing positivity. Your friend is "earning" lots of free drinks and you're dying of thirst. Get used to it!

  • Nothing better than sucking on a mouthful of A cup ti t. You will stay nice and firm always.

  • Good, you can have them. We MEN will stick with fully-developed adult women.

  • Big b**** get saggy when your old. In 30 years, you’ll be glad your b**** aren’t that big

  • Try this for 6 months once a day, preferably before having your bath/shower: Have hot water-soaked towel compression on your b**** for five minutes, then massage your b**** with olive oil for 20 minutes - run your palm from beneath the b****/lower side and draw up ending with tugging on your nips. Initially this exercise might arouse you, in that case release yourself and have climaxes by stroking your p**** at the end of the massage. You will have the desired result by the end of 6 months, even in 3 month's time your may see see the change in your b****. Do not wear tight bra or tugging bra too high, use the ones that provide an easy lift to your b****.

  • I do have not really a A-Cup and it was worst when all the other girls got b**** and I did not. I could not feed my kids from it but my husband loves it as it is and now, that I am 39 already, all my friends with C- or D-Cup have problems with their back. I love it as it is.

  • Use what you've got to accentuate all you features through wardrobe, style and attitude. I know it is an internal feeling you have about yourself but I'll bet friends (and strangers) appreciate your outside too. B****** are the last thing I care about when I'm girl-watching. Never was fascinated. But then again, I was a bottle-fed baby!

  • I like woman with smaller b******. Way more sexy

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