Finally sucked my own c***

I'm 17, home alone, as mom is a doctor and been been trying for days to suck my own c***.

Fiday I did it. At first only the head but by the end of the day most of it was in my mouth. I also started using mom d**** on my ass at the same time on Saturday morning.

I was so scared the first time as I sucked my own c*** head, as I was about to c**, but it happened so fast I just swallowed.

Now I'm hooked on it, I'm trying to suck myself off every hour. I barely get any c** and it takes a long time. I know I should wait and rest but I want more c**. My ass is sore from constantly f****** it.

My girlfriend called and said come over. But I said no, I can't.

The truth is no girl ever made my c*** come so hard as my own mouth does. I don't need her now. I wasted so much c** in her mouth. It disgusts me to thinking about her mouth on my c***.
I only want to please myself orally and anally now. I'll never waste my c** in a girls mouth again, I want to drink all of it myself.

I only need my own mouth and c*** and a fat d**** in my ass to have true sexual satisfaction.


Mar 30, 2020

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  • Impossible

  • My spine finally refused to let me do it to myself after I was in my late 20s. But, man did I enjoy my teen years.

  • S*** I wanna watch. Who needs a girl or boy when you can suck yourself, and eat your own mess.

  • Good for you

  • I'm unable to suck myself off but I do love the taste of my huge warm loads. I put in in a cup and drink and lick every last drop out then I wait for a lil bit and do it all over again

  • This kid goes hard.

  • Can't self suck but get myself so I can get my co ck close to my face and shoot a massive load in my mouth and my face gets covered with my hot creamy load. I lick it all up and swallow every last tasty drop. Would enjoy a guy pounding my eager mouth and giving me his steaming hot thick creamy load so I could gulp it all down and fill my stomach with his sperm.

  • I would suck you dry and then let you pound my sissy ass

  • Please suck me dry but only if you force me on my knees to gulp down your hot creamy load.

  • #youlyingshit

  • Can't blow myself, but hang my c*** over my mouth and shot it into my mouth while jerking off. Did it because I saw self suck video on line.

    I'm 15, never knew c** tasted so good. Iim

  • Happy to taste your 15 yr old load

  • You can c** in my mouth anytime

  • Love to suck it for you

  • Love taking my 9" c** shaped vibrator in my ass I just wish it couldcum

  • Geez! What kind of yoga class did you go to?

  • You are one of the lucky ones

  • I have sucked my own c*** during my teenage. But later due to less practice it is now unable to do.

  • I started that at 14, I'm 34 now. I have no desire for women or men since the first time I actually blow myself and swallowed my own c**.

    Blow myself 4 times a day is my usual average. But home 3 weeks now. My c*** seems always in my mouth. Was keeping track but stopped after swallowing the 600 load of c**. I know the last 4 day I've swallowed at least 35 times.

  • I would love to have my co ck banging my own mouth and gulping down my hot creamy loads. If I could do it my co c k would never be out of my mouth.

  • I agree I have tried but no luck I love the taste of c um

  • When I was younger I was able to suck my c*** it took some time trying over and over until I was finally able to wrap my mouth around the head of my shaft. Now that I am much older I just ride my wife's d**** while I j*** and taste my c**

  • Well done. Wish I could su ck mine. True you give yourself the best blows. Don't need no h*** to do it for you. Try give yourself a rest so you get a nice massive load. Wish I could watch you and give you my hot creamy load.

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