For all you incest pro f******

Incest is just a symptom of a deeper problem. This argument that it's all about love is just a cover-up of a deeper issue here. Somewhere down the family line no proper boundaries were given. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the family line had some severe sexual abuse. So, this isn't about love in the family, but disrespect, power and control. Even if it's consensual! The person is only concerned about themselves and their needs. It becomes self-centered. They can rationalize and justify their behaviors, but in reality they really are hurting themselves and others with no regard. They most likely cannot develop healthy relationships outside of family. Lets put it this way: A healthy brother and sister will not/never engage in s** with each other. Either as children or as adults. But, those that do are really sick psychologically, and need intense therapy to get well. Eventually down the road people involved in incest will have to face their demons, and I can tell you that it will not be pretty. It will be painful. Incest is just plain wrong


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  • Why is it wrong? When I was 18 my dad was 35. He was nice looking. We went on a trip for 2 weeks and started fooling around. We made love for the entire trip. It was fun, it felt good. I enjoyed him using my body. Yes he came in me every time. It was nice having a man that I loved next to me in bed. We still sleep together. I stopped using birth control. Yes I plan on having his baby. The risk is nil. The reward is what I have always wanted.

  • Hi, it's not wrong and as long as you are happy then that's great! If you and your dad are in love then it's only right you should be a couple. Good luck to you both!

  • Amen to that that is just wrong

  • It may not be everybody preference but its not wrong.

  • No it is wrong period.

  • We the majority all believe it is wrong and sick

  • Why? Elaborate

  • Its not wrong between adults and in some countries incest is legal between adults.

  • Thats because some countries are dumb to incest is wrong. Why can't you meet people that are not from your family? You are the reason that mother birds push their young out when they are old enough. So you pro incest lovers must be dumber than a bird.

  • I think these particular countries have got it absolutely right. I'm not saying everybody should have s** with a family member but the choice should be yours alone. The countries I'm talking about are France, Spain, Portugal and many more. These are not what you refer to as dumb countries. Consensual s** between adult family members should be allowed everywhere. Also, s** can be just for fun and not procreation and you certainly don't have to become a couple. I just think everyone should try to keep an open mind in regards to incest.

  • No It should not be your choice. S e x with a family member is just wrong it goes against nature. Animals raise their young and thats it. See ya no more. Your parents are to raise you and when you grow up you leave and start a different family of your own. Thats the proper way to reproduce. No god or bible behind this just common sense. If you are having incest with a family member are you telling that to the rest of your family and friends. If not why hide it?

  • No god, no Bible. did ya ever hear about Adam and Eve?????every offspring from them are incest relationships.........idiot, unless ya dont beleive in the man in the sky. duhh

  • No one really knows what is natural or what is not. Surely it's just about preference or choice? We follow a set of rules made from religion or our governments who decide how we should conduct ourselves and because of this society has a negative view on s** with family members. Incest has always been a part of human nature which is why it happens again and again because it's natural. I'm not saying everyone should have s** with family but people shouldn't be prosecuted for doing so. I believe it's a human right to decide who you sleep with and not a government official or some religious nut. Incest is appearing more on our TVs eg game of thrones and films like A Simple Favour. I believe one day it will be more excepted in society just as being homosexual has. I have had s** with my sister several times and because of where I am is completely legal and yes our mother knows about it. We used birth control and we were like "family with benefits". It hasn't caused us any harm nor has damaged our mental health like others would suggest. We would be more open about if we lived in a more accepting society which wasn't so influenced by others. I hope this gives you a new side to the debate.

  • Nope why would want to have s** with your family? Some of my relatives are very s e xy. But I do not think of them s e x u al y. I have friends that are extremely hot and I don't think of them that way just friends. It is a matter of self control and with family that should be easy to do. It is easy to fock your sister but impossible to undo that.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I've always been close to my sister and we are affectionate towards one another. She would quite often join me in bed for a cuddle and sometimes stay the night in my room. Anyway, our sexual relationship progressed from there and yes I'm attracted to her but its more about love and affection. I never wanted to be with my sister but like I said before it was family with benefits and it was fun! We have no regrets or hang ups about our past and it hasn't caused any harm. You say that it's a matter of self control so what you are saying is that you suppress your natural urges to fit in with what society dictates? What happened with my sister is something I would never want to undo but if someone is considering a sexual relationship with a family member it should be consensual and you and the other person must be 100% sure that it's right for you.

  • S e x with family members is just wrong it has nothing to do with society dictates. Why can't each of you find someone not in your family to have relationships with. You have known your sister all your life. It is now that you find someone not in your family and start a new life with them and thats the satisfying part of life and keeping in touch with your family. When you go out to gather do you tell people you are brother and sister in love. Does your friends and family know and approve it. Stop being lazy and find a girl. Put in the work

  • Hi, me and my sister do not have s** anymore. We now both have marriages and they are successful ones. We don't regret anything and we happy with our lifes. Just remember not all incest is bad.

  • So did you tell your family, wife and her husband that you and your sister where lovers and you think nothing is wrong with incest? I would like to hear their thoughts on this!

  • Hi, I have told my wife that i had s** with sexual experiences with my sister. If I'm honest she was a bit jealous towards my sister and saw as a threat initially but after 10 years of marriage she realises it is in the past. I'm not sure if my sister has told her husband. Our mother knows about us having s** and while she hasn't encouraged it, she had never stopped us from being close. I think if our mother had seen it as harmful then perhaps she would of discouraged our closeness. Like I said before our mother walked in and saw us in bed together ( not having s**).

  • Also, like I said before me and my sister were family with benefits so we weren't in love if was just s**.

  • So you haven't told her husband and your friends have you? Tell them and see what they say about it. Tell everybody if it's nothing.

  • Do you tell all your family and friends out your sexual past or sexual habits? probably not. Somethings are private.

  • Yes I would tell my brothers and friends about my sexual past as many where there while I was dating them. As for sexual habits it's normal s**. So I would tell my friends. So should you. Tell them about the incest only and tell me what they say.

  • I guess we are different.

  • Thats just bullshittt You can't tell your friends and family because it will cause big problems and you know that. Incest is wrong and taboo and you know that.

  • We'll have to agree to disagree

  • Nothing to disagree about what you did was immoral and down right disgusting. You sit here and defend it when you should speak from experience and tell people it is wrong.

  • That's your opinion and obviously you have a right to your opinion. I don't feel what I done was immoral and for me it wasn't disgusting at all. I would like to say s** with any child is wrong but my sister was an adult when we were having s** and I could never be ashamed and feel like I'd done anything wrong. I regret absolutely nothing. Our mother knows of our sexual history and she has been great about it. Why is it such a negative issue for you?

  • Because incest is wrong As I have stated if it was a good thing then it would have to be good for everyone and if everyone did it we would all be sick retarted disfigured society from in breeding! You cannot separate reproductive from casual s** just so your sick mind can say I did no harm. Like I said instead of talking here talk to your friends and the rest of your Family You mother probably did not know how to handle it at that time and has forgiving both of you. 99% of us think it is wrong.

  • And if your mother did nothing while you two where having s e x then there is something wrong with her and don't know where you father was but if we got caught doing that my head would have been put through a wall.

  • I don't think everyone should have s** with family members but people should have the right to choose. I think it's easy to bury your head in the sand and pretend incest doesn't happen. The argument against incest is always the reproduction one which is crap because with the use of birth control people can have s** without the worry of pregnancy. How many women are victims of rape? Shall we ban s** because of that? People with hereditary diseases should be stopped from breeding? That seems to be the stance you are taking. Me and my sister had amazing s** and we had lots of fun which didn't involve rape, pregnancy and any negative feelings. So again, is that really that bad? I don't think so.

  • I never said incest doesn't happen. I just said it is wrong and 99% of the worlds people and animals agree with me. If you are so proud of what you done then you should have no trouble telling you friends and all Family members. Tell your boss. If you are the boss tell your employees and customers. See how far you will get. If you'r so proud of something then nothing should keep you from telling the world what you have achieved. If you have facebook and twitter post it because it is a proud time in your life. There is nothing I wouldn't tell my friends Family and social networks about. My friends and family know the real me.

  • What an absolutely stupid idiotic reply. why would anyone say i did that. why would anyone go to work and tell someone, with who, and how they had s**, or conducted their personal life. STUPID , do you go to work and tell co-workers how you f***** your boyfriend, Danny boy.

  • Lol. Who would ever tell their boss about their s** life! People are entitled to privacy and shouldn't have to advertise or seek approval for every aspect of their lives, it's unrealistic. I see what point you are trying to make but I only have my own opinion. I'm happy with my sexual past and I can only go on my own experiences. I think sometimes incest gets mixed up with abuse and this is where incest has a negative opinion towards it. I believe like many this sexual abuse is totally unacceptable. What happened between me and my sister was consensuall safe s**, how can that be wrong? Surely you can be more open minded about this?

  • I have told my boss about my s exual experiences since he was standing there when I would ask a girl out. If I got her number he would ask me how it went. No there is no open minded about this. It is immoral and this is just one more reason society is soscrewed up. People have forgotten morals, politeness and a sense or right and wrong. Before the sixty's you would have gone to jail for that. Up till the 90's you would have gone to a mental hospital. And since we have all but gotten rid of mental health there is no treatment for mental illness. And that last 30 years we have gone off the cliff as for a society. And incest and abuse are hand in hand together as someone takes advantage of someones venerability has s e x with them. The person then grows up silent about it buts regrets it for the rest of their life. You sister may be silent about that and deep down regrets it happened but you will never know that.

  • You and your boss must be very, very close! Lol. Do you inform the girls that you have slept with that you tell people about the s** you two have had? How can that be morally right? One thing I know about women is that they don't like men spread s*** about them and being disrespectful. Society has declined in recent times and there are many,many reasons for this. I have always been polite and courteous towards others and I know my sister is exactly the same. Let's be honest to we really know what is right or wrong? We are told what is right or wrong and how we should live and look where that had got us? Don't you think society has gone down hill because of corruption and lack of truth from our so called leaders? If we became a more tolerant of one another surely that would be better right? You say incest and abuse go hand in hand but that's the same as saying s** and abuse go hand in hand. If the s** is between adults and it's consensual then that is acceptable and this applies to incest too. After reading your reply last night, I rang my sister and asked her how she felt about what happened between us and she assured me that what happened was consensual and she regrets nothing. She said that was a special time of her life. The conversation was more in-depth but that was the summary of it. I would of been gutted if she would felt taken advantage of or even worse regretted our sexual past. Just remember alot of the confessions on here are bs and completely wrong when it comes to children. Not all incest is abuse.

  • The abused will often lie as they are in fear of their abuser or the shame that will come if their story comes out. Older or not you sister does not want the facts to come out. My boss went to my wedding. And has for me telling my times with my girlfriends they told their girlfriends and I knew some of them and it got back to me. Now they are telling their stories on Twitter and FaceBook so don't go there. Women feel empowered today and they tell it like it is. When people have nothing to hide there is nothing they can't discuss with each other. Ask your sister to tell her husband, their friends and her children. See where that gets you. Incest is taboo and hidden from society for one reason . It is wrong period. There is nothing you are going to tell me or the world that will justify incest.

  • We'll have to agree to disagree.

  • Scroll down til you get to this post and read it is true.
    You have expressed what is true and I congratulate your insight. As a retired psychologist I have counseled many people with dysfunctional problems and behaviors that link directly to incest.

  • Elaborate on dysfunctional? And how would you say that applies to me and my sister?

  • Because you had to be dysfunctional to do that to your sister. You where supposed to protect her from bad people and you where bad to her. When you have told everyone you had s e x with your sister and are proud enough to state that. Not just here but everywhere and most people are happy for you. Then I will admit I am wrong and give you the blessing you so badly want. But society will never condone incest period they shun it everywhere. Don't go back to some countries it's legal. Just because there is no law on the books doesn't mean that they don't handle incest problems. They may handle it as mental disease and lock up the people who do it. Look there is nothing you are going to change my mind and make me think your way, Just give up on that.

  • Speaking to you I actually realize I don't care what you think and I certainly don't need to your blessing or anybody else's. I'm happy and my sister is happy and is all that matters.

  • Well I'm glad you finally realized that you aren't going to change our minds. You do what you want with your sister and If there is aHELL you will be there and maybe your sister will be there too. This my last post here so good luck with what ever you do! But if I see you replies on another post I will reply the same things over. Good day

  • Amen to that

  • Just as an FYI the real cure to coronavirus and the way to get immunization is through incest.

  • I am 63 years old now. Been having great s** with family since before I can remember. My Mom is 81 and still sucks me dry anytime I want. Sis does too. My little brother sucked me off at the age of 4. And it was great. Don't put down family s**. It is better than picking up some random w****. We live together and have a time. Don't judge us.

  • We know so it is good.

  • In respocce to your post,
    Please tell me what is wrong with two consenting adults having a incestuous sexual relationship, I did with a close family member, you say in your post they are hurting each other, I can truly say there was no hurt just sexual pleasure for both of us, we never had any children, You sound like a bully and a dictator get your self a life.

  • In my opinion, nothing is wrong with family s**. Rape is a big no. Want to f*** your daughter. Fine. she must consent. Auntie wants to blow you? Give consent and show appreciation.

  • Family would rather have s** with you than a total stranger. Ask and you will receive.

  • It's alot safer for sure. Should be legalized everywhere.

  • Yeh sure so we can have incest kids everywhere and when they have incest kids of their own there will be a lot of birth defects and so on. Just like puppy mills breed brother and sister dogs and then use their litter to breed until every dog is defective or they stop breeding cause they can't breed. So when do we tell when to stop incest after all that or right now. I chose now.

  • Not all s** is for procreation

  • Just ask and enjoy your grand daughters sister, moms bj.

  • Trust me.

  • I agree, I too had a very loving sexual relationship with a family member and I have no bad words to say about it. This subject always brings out strong opinions from people who are either pro and against incest.

  • Minul oli ka oma emaga kindel kokkulepe selles asjas.Leppisime et me ei räägi seda kunagi kellelegi ja alati on uks lukkus kui vahekorras oleme.Ema on viiekümne ja kuuekümne vahel ja mina väheke alla kolmekümne.Ma olen ise praegu siin kommenteerimises ärevil et seda teadvustan.

  • Ja ka sina oled haige kurat

  • Non francais nous parletons anglaterre

  • No we speak in any language we chose.

  • I see nothing wrong between 2 consenting people, if it is forced /rape then cut his b**** off

  • When I was 13 I had s** with my 4 year old half sister. Consensual and we both loved it. Went on for 10 more years and she learned how to suck d*** at an early age. Sure do miss her.

  • Thats not true you sickfuckingdicklesswannabepedo

  • My Mom is 81. She sucked me off when I was 3 or 4. Greatest feeling. I am h****, now. About to f*** my grand daughter. If she is ok with it. Not a rapist but she knows how to swallow. Gramma taught her.

  • 8 years old and she said yes. About to be near b**** deep. Can't. Too big for her.

  • Mom just woke up and is helping here. 8 year old p**** is fragile. Mom says go a***.

  • Should I?

  • Nevermind. Mom is sucking me off. Grand daughter is ok until later.

  • Mom sucking me won't let me f*** angie says my d*** is to big for her

  • I agree

  • Utter rubbish.

  • You have expressed what is true and I congratulate your insight. As a retired psychologist I have counseled many people with dysfunctional problems and behaviors that link directly to incest. It is never ok to push your own sexual agenda upon anyone, especially a minor or relative. You may think you had consent but what you had was control. Adulthood is where consent comes from. My own wife experienced incest at age 8 from an older brother, internalized it, and we experienced a lot of sexual anguish and hesitancy in the early years of our marriage. When she revealed what had happened it was infuriating but with time and counseling we got through it. Our kids are grown and we've been married 45 years. I guess we win? I still hate her brother's guts, especially when he tries to play the pious Catholic. I also feel for his four children, all of whom moved away from him as soon as they could and have had unproductive and often drug addled lives, one to the point of death. If you are that enraptured with the idea of incest, go hire an escort and let her show you some other exciting ways to to have s** that don't include kids or incest. To quote Pink Floyd, "...Leave them kids alone."

  • Hi, I'm sorry for what your wife went through, that is completely wrong. But I do believe that consensual incest between adults is ok. I had a amazing sexual relationship with my mother and I don't regret it for a second. Not all incest is bad.

  • I believe your explanation may be right for some cases but certainly not for all. S** should never involve a child whether it's incest or not. But s** between family adults is acceptable with the use of birth control. I it's very easy to generalize when we are talking about incest and to assume that all incest is abusive or bad when that most definitely is not always the case. It is not uncommon for siblings to experiment with each other as they grow, it may not lead to intercourse but touching or masturbing is very normal. I had a sexual loving relationship with my mother and I enjoyed it. I was not abused and i was able to give consent because I was of legal age. For me it was a positive in my life because I feel I learnt a great deal from this experience. I haven't been harmed in any way and I've gone on to have a successful career and marriage. I still remain close to my mother but we no longer have s**. Please keep an open mind on the subject of incest and don't forget incest in some countries is actually legal between adults. I respect your opinion but that is all it is.

  • Not all people use the "love" angle, I've been f****** my mother for 7 years and that's all it is, f******. She agrees. We both know that the only reason we f*** each-other, is I think she has an awesome body, a little chubby but huge DD t*** that she loves to have me abuse, her c*** is tight and c*** easily and often and she is the best ass-f*** I've ever had. And mom has told me a few times, she says I have the biggest c*** she's ever had, just shy of 29cm and she also says my stamina makes her o***** over and over. She also once told me that I am the only guy who ever gave her an a*** o*****, and she almost always has one when I pummel her chubby ass.

    Maybe if you shed the religious hang-ups over incest then you could find out how good a f*** you mother, or sister, or any other relative could be.

    Oh yes, I f*** my grandmother whenever she's in town, usually 3 or 4 times a year. She can take my c*** down her throat.

  • Your sick just sick did you everfuck someone outside your family? hoockers don't count.

  • I'm not religious. And this is still f***** up.

  • Forget the bs story above. Why do you think it's " f***** up" ? Even between adults?

  • How do I reply in a way that you might actually hear? I don't think you want to hear the answer, you're just looking for an excuse to argue your sad mental illness.

  • That is quite a narrow minded opinion you are expressing and your answer may not be the right one. Have you ever thought about that? I don't believe I have a mental illness and I am very level headed person. Just because I had a sexual relationship with my mother doesn't mean me or my mother have any form of mental illness at all. I hear what being said but I don't completely agree with it. Sorry

  • Most delusional people either don't know or deny they have a mental illness. Not sorry.

  • We are all entitled to an opinion

  • ...even delusional ones, apparently

  • Of course you couldn't possibly be wrong!

  • That's your opinion, to which you are entitled.

  • That's your opinion.

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