S** with my personal trainer

Hey everyone my name is J Star i'm a Puerto Rican trans living in Florida
when I was first started making my "change" I put on a lot of weight so I joined a Neovibe Fitness and I met my personal trainer Janoy a beautiful Italian ripped bodybuilder with his "legs on the bottom" workouts and Biohacking he took inches off my waist, I really wanted to repay him, so I offered cook him dinner

He came over in a dark green tuxedo and a watch on each wrist I was almost c****** in my pants then he pulled out a bag full of celebrity autographs I just dropped to my knees and pulled his trousers down and out popped the smallest p**** i've ever seen in my life and he said "it's pretty big for a bodybuilder" I laughed I said I couldn't do this...

He started crying and told me everybody makes fun of him and he's never had a real girl in his life I felt really sorry for him so I pulled my pants down and showed him my lady stick he was shocked at first then he asked if he could taste it "it be a nice little treat" he sucked every inch then I bent him over and he came while I was pounding him he licked his own c** and I came deep inside him I pulled out and his ass was gaping really bad then he pushed and prolapsed I pushed my c*** back in and f***** him more c** was just dripping out of his tiny little p**** it was the best s** i've ever had

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  • Charlie tipper is a guy who has been sleeping with all the wife's in the area, it's funny, they're all skanks

  • Sounds hot love to see what you'd do to me and my fiance haha

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