Stomach Sex

Since I was young I’ve always loved people carrying me as they laughed. I would wrap my legs around them and the vibrations and movement of their stomach would satisfy me. I’ve always wanted to just have a guy lay down and laugh as I sit on his stomach. Weird. I know.



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  • Why dont you get a guy to lie down and just sit on his stomach and grind against his abs. Thats also a great way of getting of

  • True but the movement of his stomach would make it 10x better

  • Sounds so erotic. Can u give us more details please

  • Yes, it’s very erotic, so when a guy laughs their stomach muscles contract, and so if your genitals are on their stomach you’ll feel that motion and it’s unbelievable. I often just watch videos of guys laughing shirtless

  • I'm picturing that poem about Santa who had "a little round belly, That shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly". Is that what you're referring to ... a round belly laughing? Or do you find a small belly nice too? Seems like a flat belly wouldn't move much.

  • I mostly like people with abs, not really big bellies, and flat tummies work as well.

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