Small Wewe

I'm a 41 year old guy with a small p****. I have heard many of the small p**** jokes from women about it, and definately been laughed at. But I have what I think is a very weird reponse to this. I find it really stunning and get really turned on. Two summers ago I was hanging out at a pool with 2 female aquaintences. The topic of nudity came up, and I actually mentioned my smallness. I ended up taking it all off, and got humiliated by them. It was incredible. Why is so wrong for women to be in what seems like the power position in this dynamic? (and have a laugh at a man's expense.)

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I have a 14 year old female friend and I'm 45. I'm going to take her and get her pregnant. She has the nicest little tight a double s ever and she is mine. She was born for me.

  • I want to be a slim one too. I am sick of being fat. I don't even eat enough to be fat. I don't want to be fat anymore. I want to be slim and hot.

  • I would get turned on too.

  • Its just cruel, but it sound like you don't mind being cuckold. If you were so willing to revel in, and bring attention to it, do not expect some sort of teasing would not happen. You acknowledge that its -an issue- so either ignore it, enjoy it, or hide it in some sort of shame.

    Personally I would ignore that stupid way of thinking that bigger is better and all that crap regarding peoples physical aspects. You are in a class of yourself. Be proud that you have a small p**** and that teasing and that crap is what little children do. If someone laughs, they are mentally a child. Anything of theirs can be wrongly shaped too. Its just lame.

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