I had s** with a fat girl and now I can't go back to skinny ones

Wow. I wasn't prepared for all that softness and warmth. I never knew what I was missing. Now I don't know what to do with my life :/

Apr 6, 2020

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  • I always felt it was like the world's best kept secret. Although I'm starting to see word is getting out!

  • Unsure what your problem is here? You’ve found something you like. Just sounds like you’re embarrassed at the idea of people seeing you dating someone that’s overweight.

  • Not embarrassed at all. I'd proudly have a large woman by my side. It just wasn't something I was expecting. I've just always pictured myself with a skinny wife, not because of pride, but just because ... well actually I'm not sure why.

    I actually feel like I've suddenly become more shallow. Before, I would be open to dating woman of any size or shape. But now, I feel like if they're not fat, they won't be able to excite me sexually in the same way.

    I've suddenly limited who I would consider dating. I've always been into much more than appearance. Personality, confidence, and intelligence are more important. But now if I met some amazing thin woman, I'm not sure what I would do. It wouldn't be fair to her if I was just imagining how much more amazing she would be if she were fat every time we were intimate.

    It's a big world, and I'm sure I'll find a woman who has both a mind and a body that attracts me. It's just surprising and weird that I never knew this about myself before.

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