Drunk sister s**

My older sister came home dronk as f*** she got in bed with me and we f***** she begged me to go all the way with her so I did around round 3 she passed out so win I had finished . She had a strong smell of her drinks so p moved her to her room . Win she woke up she didn't remember what we did . A few weeks later she found out she pregnant . I had been trying to get s** fome her ever since that day she would tell me no is Rong .thin win her boyfriend found out she was pregnant he left her . She came home that night and was crying on my shoulder and I kissed her . She looked me in the eyes and said ok. And kiss me back and we had s** the rest of the night . We do it every day now we love doing it in risky please like in the pool or one night she sat on my lap Willie we was watching TV with our parents we was under a cover on and it took half the movie to get in in her


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  • Come on now go stand on the train tracks and wait. We all know your fake stories. Let us hear on the news that you where run over by the train.

  • R u to stupid to come up with any thing else u keep going on about trains did your dad and his friend run a train on your ass

  • Nope thats my way of pointing him out. Plus he is a sickfuck that should be wiped off the planet.

  • U must be to f****** dum to come up with any Uther comments maybe u should try it your self . If u don't like it stop reading it u dum f***

  • It's You not u so who is the dumbass I post here so all of you sick incest pedo's get mad instead of w a n king to them.

  • To late already did

  • Definitely fake but in all honesty I would love to f*** my sister. I've wanted to since she was around 16 and now she is 34 and I still want to f*** her. Definitely my number one fantasy.

  • You keep telling us that you want to have s e x with your sister are you so obsessed with it. Do you have anything else you what to do. Like jumping out a plane with no chute on. Try it if you like it tell me how it went.

  • Yes I am obsessed with the idea of having s e x with my sister and always have been. I do have other stuff I want to achieve but my sister is never far from my mind!

  • Get mental health now! Incest is illegal and wrong.

  • Absolute rubbish! I don't need any help!!

  • Yes you do need Mental health. You are the same sickFuck that claimed to have s ex with your sister and wanted to mommy too. I told you I would find you and troll your SickFUCKINGass.🤢🤮👆you💩head

  • Man you had s** with your older sister and you had s** with your younger sister in your post Night with my little sister I call bs get a life, learn how to spell and stop posting these fake stories.

  • I've had s** with my hot older sister for years, but only had two close calls. The first time, yes, she cried as I held her, but it was more of a concern for me than herself. Said it was her fault she was late, how can I do this to you, I love you and love us, etc. We got through that time, then maybe a year later, same thing. She was late, and made me dinner in her apartment one night. Talked over dinner, I rubbed her shoulders like I usually did, relaxing her, and she said she was a few days late, but even if she was pregnant, we'd be ok, she knew we were still us.

    When she got her period and wasn't pregnant that second time, she told me she was relieved, but also..Maybe a hint disappointed. Had things worked out in her head and felt this whole thing could work if it did happen.

  • I had the same thing with my sister. There were a couple of occasions when we didn't use condoms and if i'm being honest i really wanted have s** wothout condom and c** inside her normally, probably not the brightest idea. My sister was very late for her period and we paniced. I think may of been slightly pregnant but luckily she came on, eventually!!

  • All the spelling errors actually makes this story painful to read!

  • Maybe the spell are there to annoy you lol

  • * mistakes lol

  • You must use birth control when having s** with family. You must tell what happened between you two when she was drunk and then decide whether to keep the baby or not.

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