V the pedophile.

This is my message-in-a-bottle. The person I want to read it probably never will, but it makes me feel better to know that it is out there.

To Victor.

Imagine sitting in a beautiful open field, surrounded by lush groves of trees. The sun shines upon your face as the animals scurry about all around you.
In the blink of an eye the sun fades and turns red, the grass shrinks into the ground to reveal a barren and rocky landscape, the tree's burn and the animals scream as they slowly wither away and die.

Call it melodramatic, but that's what it felt like when you molested me. To even call it molestation is a joke, what you did goes far beyond that. Your intention was to kill me and you almost did.
To you the act of raping and extinguishing my life was akin to swatting a fly. And, for you, it was all for a mere few hours of twisted entertainment and pleasure. In all probability you don't even remember me. But you robbed me of my childhood and you stole my future. I remember you.

You should know that I have never hurt or had the urge to hurt anyone who did not intend to inflict harm upon me. I've never killed or wanted to kill. I'm not a psycho. Even after what you did to me I still retain my sanity. But I keep the anger and rage over what you did to me and I save it for you, only you.

I won't search for you but I promise you that, if you ever have the misfortune of crossing my path again in this life, I will rob you of everything that you hold dear. Your body will play a symphony of pain and suffering and I will show no mercy. I will not do you the courtesy of ending the agony, as you tried to do to me. I will prolong it until the f****** heavens above cry out in empathy for the torments I inflict upon you.

Pray, f****** PRAY that we do not meet again, Victor, in this life or whatever existence (if any) we take after this one is finished. That is all I have to say.

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  • Half the people in this comment section need to f*** off. How insensitive do you have to be to not at least say thanks for sharing? People f****** disgust me

  • you should go to prison.LET'S GO TO PRISON-the movie.Listen to the Prison B**** song on youtube.It'S sooo Funny.

  • Want some candy, little girl??

  • I know you don't want to hear( or see in this case) this but forgivenes is best. Don't forgive for him, but for yourself.
    Let go of all the negative feelings, but you will feel better.
    I was molested by my cousin when I was five.
    I hated him for so long and thought of all the ways to kill him, but I saw what kind of a person that was turning me into.
    I was sick.
    So I forgave.
    I never told him, or anyone, I don't talk to him and haven't seen him in years( I'm now 17). So it all gets easier in time.

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