Watching My Wife Get F*****

I have lost some of my s** drive, I am only turned on when I think of watching my wife get f***** by another man or two men, she is frustrated I know,
I have hinted this to her about being gang banged etc, she hasn't said anything she didn't react badly to what I said, she is considering it, has any body out there had this sexual fantasy or watched it happen live, ide like to hear anything about it and how you felt after the first time after it happened,

Apr 8, 2020

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  • I was raped 3 times b4 My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • Lot of men lose there s** drive and the only thing is to let other men enjoy there wife it happen to me .We went on holiday to see if it would help me but ended up with her get used by other men as I watch first time I got hard in years and f*** her after he cun in her

  • My wife and I are in the negotiation phase. We chat about it most times we are alone. She wants to but is afraid of H***.

  • Be careful what you wish for

  • Not many women will do a g*******, even though many women fantasize about it. You might be better off finding a friend couple to swap with. My wife only did it once, when we vacationed with a friend couple of ours for a weekend, and it was fun. We had a foursome on the beach and we all enjoyed pleasing one another. It was a one-off thing for my wife, she doesn't want to swing, but the dynamic was just right that day and it was memorable. After it happened we all felt a little closer and no one regretted it.

  • My biggest fantasy, is to have my wife take another mans c***. I've had surgery in the past that left me with a limp d*** & I would love to see her get a piece of tail..

  • Would love to help you out my friend of mine and his wife used to do it all the time well I loved it he loved watching me put my big d*** in her

  • The best way is wife swapping, we decided this when our marrage was over, we still live together in the same house to share costs, there are certain rules we always have s** together in the same room for safety, the first time we did it I was jealous seeing another man ramming his d*** up my wife at the same time it was more of a turn on for both of us, when we discussed it after,

  • My wife lost her confidence feeling that she was attractive and sexually excited anyone. I showered her with attention and sexual interests. It wasn’t till I suggested that she check out black guys. She resisted initially till I showed her several movies of interracial cuckolding. After time and reassuring her endlessly, she agreed to try it. I knew if she got the right meat and guy she would be taking more. I was right. I got a guy who loved thick women and he gave her the best meat of her life. She loves black meat now. Hope y’all do

  • It’s not for everyone. My wife and I have experience and she confided in her friend about our lifestyle. Her girlfriend was intrigued and excited hearing my wife tell her about our experience. She sent her husband to speak to me about how it was in our marriage. I could tell that he was reluctant to let her try it, and seemed to be scared of the things that turned me on. My wife put her in contact with one of the guys that services her. They met up at a hotel and about 1/2 way into it he had a panic attack. The actual sight of his wife being taken by a huge piece of meat was too much. I personally love if. Fair thee be warned

  • Would love to watch my beautiful wife getting f*****. I love her beyond words but it turns me on soo much

  • Yea , first of all, set boundaries like no kissing , no contact unless you engage it, and you and her can’t be insecure in your relationship it has to be sold, if it’s not you’ll find out.
    After it’s still a turn on thinking about it, good luck

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