F*** the Philippines

They can fill up my ass

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  • They are Asians too. I didn't know that. YUK!!!

  • You hate the Philippines ? Is it because they confront the greedy chinese ?

  • Yes, I hate Asians more than I hate white people and I am Native American, all Asians think that us natives are a bunch of stupid unemployed Drunks, well they only seen the town natives, but never seen a real city Slicker such as myself working 40 hours a week and me getting laid off after a decade and a half of being in the wood mill. I hate Asians as well.

  • But they've got tiny winkys, so it would take a lot to fill you up

  • Yeah them n***** needs to f*** off and fry.

  • Asians aren’t negroids

  • They are idiot.

  • They still n******

  • And they have tiny winkys

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