Regrettable lockdown s** with brother

I am so glad I have found this site, as I feel like I have to tell someone what happened, but I dare not speak of it.
My name is Poppy, I am 19 and until they sent us all home I was at university. My brother 22, got furloughed, couldn't pay rent and so was also back at our parents house. It was like being 15 again, living at home, but not able to go out.
We live in an old farm house and because of its age I have to go through my brother's room to mine, and the other way to the bathroom etc, there is no privacy.
One night after our parents had gone to bed, I passed through my brother's room and he was awake, we started chatting, and I sat on his bed.
Conversation ran to relationships and then to s**, we had both left kinda relationships behind. We joked about lack of s**, and then lack of privacy, which turned in to inability to m*********. Obviously he had not been able to incase I came in. I suggested we should just agree a time that was m*********** time and we shouldn't disturb each other. Next morning after the first time, he asked me if I had, and I nodded, I asked if he did and he nodded too. We had a system!
A couple of nights on, and when the question came up again, I asked, he nodded, and then said I know you did. I asked how and he said he could hear me, then he joked that it had helped him, I called him a pervert and gave him a shove. Next night, it was that time, he said to me, you can leave the door open if you like, I was quite shocked. I asked if he meant to listen or watch, to which he replied whichever is on offer. I was like OMG we may as well be doing it together. I was joking, but he said I'm up for that.
I walked in to my room and left the door open, I got in to bed and slipped my hand in to my PJs, seconds later he appeared at the door. I shut my eyes and carried on. Then I hear his voice right next to me, asking, can I get in bed. I nodded and in he got. He was dressed but clearly hard. I could hear him removing clothes and then he started. I pulled the sheets down telling him I did not want c** on the bed. This exposed his c*** and I couldn't look away. My wrist was getting tired, fighting the elastic of my PJs waistband, so I pulled them down exposing myself, much to my brother's delight.
He asked if he could have a go as he put it, and as I seem to c** best when I am relaxed and I felt on edge I thought it would help both of us.
I closed my eyes and it felt great to be touched, but the feeling faded. In my head all I could think was this is nearly as bad as s**, so my next thought was, f*** it.
I pulled his hand away and got on all fours with my PJs and underwear by my knees and said, get on with it before I change my mind. He checked I was on the pill and then knelt up behind me and entered me.
Straight away that felt better, that was the feeling I had missed, feeling filled with hot c***.
Instantly I felt the feeling build and then spill out in to o*****, it was all very quick. I think the sound and feeling of me c** made my brother c** too, barely was my o***** fading when I felt this hot rush inside me. The whole thing lasted about 30 seconds, the actual s** part.
He got tissues for both of us, he wiped his c*** and I wiped up his c** as is ran out of me, we really didn't want c** on our parents sheets, how would we explain it. We were totally fine afterwards and spooned in bed together till we fell asleep. When I woke up he was gone and I was left with regret at what I had done, and how it had happened.


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  • Poppies... Poppies...

  • So, anything new Poppy, anything to update?

  • The lines been crossed, now it's fair game. Sounds like y'all will be doing this more

  • It has not taken long for something else to happen, shame on us.
    It was late at night and I was walking through my brother's room to go to the bathroom for a shower. My brother made a throwaway comment about girls in towels being sexy, in that the towel only just covers the minimum, and you know they are naked otherwise, and he loved seeing his casual girlfriend straight out the shower if she stayed over.
    I paused going for my shower and I sat in my towel and we talked relationships, and relationships turned to talk of s**. He smirked and said his casual girlfriend gave really good b*******. After I got over how open he was I asked if he was as willing to go down on her as she was on him, was he being fair. He said that she didn't seem to bothered about him going down on her, so I suggested maybe he wasn't very good at it, and as I got up to go for my shower I said that if he ever wanted pointers as to how to pleasure a girl I was happy to help
    As I came back from my shower, he was waiting, and said can I take you up on your offer of pointers as to how to go down on a girl better? I said ok, I'll just dress first, but it seemed he thought I had meant a practical demonstration.
    He followed in to me room, walked up to me and knealt in front of me, you give me pointers he said, as he parted my towel.
    Before I could think, my towel had fallen to the floor and he we literally licking my c***, with his hands on my bum.
    I explained that for girls, an o***** is a full body and mind experience and that if he goes to the c*** to soon, the pleasure may burn out before an o***** builds.
    I layed on my bed, knees up, legs apart. I directed him on top of me, and directed him to kiss my collar bone and my neck, and move around

    More follows, ran out of space.... Poppy

  • Sickfucking incest loving wack job

  • If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  • Well said!!

  • That was nice. I didn't want to be mean

  • From above......
    He spent the next 10 mins kissing and caressing my body so then when he got back to my v*****, I was very wet, and my c*** was hypersensitive.
    He rapidly flicked his tongue on my c*** while striking my inner thighs and perineum, occasionally breaking to dart his tongue in and out my v*****. After quite a bit of effort on his part I finally had a pretty big o***** actually, that I really had to keep quiet, and left my body quivering for quite a while after.

    Once I had got my breath back, I explained that was the level of effort and commitment he needs to give to satisfy a girl orally, and his girlfriend had probably got sick of him not going far enough, and being disappointed.

    Afterwards I said perhaps you can give me some tips, and proceeded to give my brother a b******. I think he was pretty turned on, that or I am pretty damn good at it because he didn't last long. I was quite surprised at how much c** there was, I nearly choked and had to swallow some before he'd finished e**********, and swallow again before cleaning him off with my tongue.
    I asked for feedback, he gave me a 10 out of 10, the only comment was that it was quite a Sloppy BJ, but he liked that.

    I feel like we are not far off competing the set sins wise. Are BJ's worse or not as bad as s**, never sure which is more intimate?

    We are doing these things, regretting it then doing it or something else again, as it's ok during lockdown. Poppy.

    P.s. I have shared a lot, please don't judge me too harshly. I'm not an incestuous s***, even if it looks like I am, these are just strange times and one thing has lead to another

  • Just enjoy yourself. You are not the only brother and sister to do this.

  • No just a few sickfucks that do it

  • Poppy, you know that I have made my position clear on this before, you two are consenting adults, what happens, happens. I know that the lock down is ending soon where I am at, but who knows about where you are at. So, in the meantime, might as well make the best of it. For me, I never really considered oral s** as actual s**, for me true intercourse is actual s** for only then is there risk of getting pregnant. I have yet to hear of a woman getting pregnant from oral s**.
    Again, if I was in your position, say my sister and I were your age, locked down, in the middle of nowhere... Well, it might have been me telling a similar story. Do what you can love, and survive!

  • Interesting. Sexual frustration is a funny thing.

  • It is, you don't even think about it when you are satisfied but when you are frustrated it drives you, and it's fully in charge. Do you have a similar story you are happy to share?

  • No, I don't have any taboo stories to share. But it's kinda hot how it all played out - total l***, and its so forbidden that it must've been an absolute rush

  • You think it's hot? Well hope I helped you get off with my tales of naughtiness, glad to help, and happy to answer any questions you have?

    And yes, massive rush!

  • I guess the way it all went down and how it all lead up to it happening is hot. Especially because it's something that's taboo.

  • πŸ˜‰ P xxx

  • Hi, I think you two are great being there for each other. The first time you have s** with a sibling is always quick due to the excitement of it and obviously being taboo brings greater excitement than normal. It's good that you are on the pill so at least you can enjoy s** with the pregnancy worry. As you and your brother become used to each other the s** will last longer I promise! Lol. I was exactly the same with first s** my sister and I think I lasted maybe 20 seconds!! But we had s** many more times after that which lasted longer thank god!

  • Also.... Don't regret anything. You've done nothing wrong πŸ˜‰

  • Done nothing wrong hope you are not raising children

  • Nice, I guess to hear I am not alone. I was not worried about how long it lasted, we both got what we needed and there was no time to change our minds. You sound like you may have done it once in exceptional circumstances like me but gone on to have an incestuous relationship, which worries me, that is something I don't want, and not sure anyone should seek.

  • Hi, it wasn't exceptional circumstances, it was just something that was there between us. The best way to explain it was, we were bother and sister with benefits. So basically, we were never a couple. Neither me or my sister have ever felt bad or had any regrets about having s** with each other. We had great fun and amazing times together. My advice is speak to your brother and work out what you two want from this and try not to overthink this, just enjoy this potential wonderful time with your brother. Time goes by very quickly!

  • Well, while I am not exactly a person that is in favor of incest, what happened between you two was between two consenting adults. Really if you break it down, besides the fact of him being your brother, he is a human male first. If you really think about it, your body really does not know the difference. Just look at it this way, each one of you got in return what the other needed. Life lately has been, to say the least, extraordinary.... So, I guess you can say that extraordinary things happened. Don't let it get you down, Poppy... At worst, it is something that will not happen again, at best, you and your brother have created a bond with each other.

  • Hi, firstly thanks for commenting, and giving a level headed view. These are difficult times and I think we both just really needed it, not just s**, clearly no one gets so desperate they turn to a sibling that quick, but with all the stress of the current situation I think we needed something different and some relief. I never used to find not being able to m********* an issue, but with the stress of the situation I have really turned to it and s** is even better for relief. I think also everything is family oriented right now and we need each other more than ever so gifting ourselves to one another may become a bond, or just a dirty secret. Whichever I am putting it down to the situation, this would have never normally happened.
    This was not about love, or a relationship, or dare I use the word incest (shudder) this was about a girl and a boy who both have what the other needs, and forgetting the rules to help a family member.
    Will it change us? Don't know. Will we look at each other differently? I don't know, will it happen again? I don't know.
    My regret stems only from the thought that someone might find out, not that we turned to each other in our hour of need

  • I really doubt your brother is going to say something, the whole, "Hey guys, guess who I slept with?" bit falls short when it is with ones sister. And I am sure that you are not going to say anything. Understand when I made my comment about not being in favor of incest, I was mostly saying that cause you will get the pro incest types here commenting here.
    I think that you are going to do just fine on this, and over time you will pull some positives out of the whole thing. The way I look at it, other than the fact that it was your brother, do you truly have any regrets? If I was in your same position, considering everything that is going on, I would not have too many regrets.

  • Thank you, if it was not for who it was with I would not have regrets, it was actually great s**. A lot of s** when you are in a relationship is same-same every time, and regular as clockwork, or there is first time s** with someone new where you are so body conscious and worked about performing, this was more like drunken s** in an alley behind a club at 3am. (Just to say I have never done that and if I had would likely regret it) but the point is it's exciting, so exciting you can't wait till you get to a house or a bed. The fact that it lasted seconds shows how aroused we both were. No my issue is that it was with my brother and that's shameful. You are right, how will anyone ever know, we are probably safe, but we will both remember, but what's the point in regret.
    On a plus not we seem to be being super nice to each other!!

  • As you might has guessed by now you are conversing with someone who has a few years under his belt. And I have had my own issues in the past. Being that you told me yours I will tell you mine. I was around the age of 15, right in the middle of going through puberty when I discovered that my older sister used to take showers with the bathroom window open, and that my bedroom window had a great view of these events. I was very excited cause I got to see a girl naked, right in front of me... I was grossed out because it was my sister, but very excited at the same time. Decades went by and I never talked about it because society told me it was simply wrong. Well, I ended up finding out that it was pretty normal for a kid to spy on their sibling, it is part of the growing up process. But more to the point I discovered that our bodies are like machines that doesn't always operate like our brains would like it too. Your body, when aroused by another person's body, does not ask the question, 'Is this my brother?' To your body, another human body is just that, another human body, and it is programmed to respond a certain way. It is very difficult to override that programming. On the plus side, you seem to be finding the positives out of what happened. You found it exciting, and deep down enjoyable, and there is nothing wrong with that, for as I said before you both are consenting adults. But I will tell you the other reason why you liked it... Because you brain told you that it was wrong and that alone made the whole thing exciting. That's what kept me spying on my sister, I knew it was wrong, but it was that excitement that kept me coming back. Now here is the big question, Do you think that it will happen again?

  • Thank you for sharing your storey too, but I feel your storey is about going through puberty, we are both adults and had relationships etc. This didn't happen because my brother is the only boy I could see and my body is full of raging teenage hormones. Technically I have a boyfriend, albeit casual, so this was kinda cheating as well, pretty sure my brother has a girlfriend as well. My relationship is classic student, noone knows if we are together or not, and nor do I sometimes, we are more friends with benefits. I guess it's about personal space and not getting tied down at uni. Not really heard much from him anyway.
    I understand what you mean by 'our bodies are machines' I find male bodies attractive, it's part of being a girl, and I remember when I went through puberty having a crush on my cousin who was 6 years older than me at the time, so I am not new to inappropriate thoughts ha ha.
    Will it happen again? It kinda has, I gave my brother a hand job, whoops!
    We had been watching TV downstairs late at night, I was tired and laid down on the sofa, and put my head in his lap. He put his hand on my hip, but it moved to my bum and he started getting hard, and his c*** was twitching against my face.
    What we were watching had a s** scene, and he started squirming around, i sat up and he had a full erection in his pants.
    I put my hand down his pants and started playing as we watched tv, it was too tight so I pulled them down and gave him a very casual hand job as we sat watching TV.
    I was a bit sleepy and forgot to hold a tissue over it, and I was surprised how high he came, and how much. It was down my arm,leg and on the sofa and his pants. I made him clean up.
    What worries me is what if instead of being tired I had been h****, I very casually have him a hand job, I guess after s** it's not that bad, but it could have been s**. I must be crazy.

  • I understand the differences between our two stories, but what they have in common is the subject is taboo. But my age at the time and situation kind of gives me an out, somewhat, I still get uncomfortable looks if I tell someone the story. So, with that said... You are not crazy, again you both are stuck in an extreme situation, think of it like being stuck on a little island in the middle of the ocean... It might as well be the middle of the ocean. Now lets complicate the matter with both of you, being in your early 20's, and both with very active s** lives now suddenly without. That right there is like shaking a bottle of soda, the pressure is going to build up and sooner or later it's going to explode. Sorry, but self pleasure can only take you so far. I may be much older now, but I will never forget what I was like when I was your age, my ex-wife and I used to bop like bunnies all the stinking time. If we had to suddenly stop, there would have been h*** to pay. You even have me thinking, even though my older sister and I were never really that close, if we were in the same situation? Well, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and I am sure in this isolation that link gets weaker and weaker.
    So, I don't think that you are crazy, I think that you both are doing what you can to get through this insanity, while helping to keep each other sane. Like I said before, focus on the positives, and do what you must to get through it all. I have faith in you Poppy! ;)

  • We had a little chat last night. It started awkward but ended calm, we basically agreed that whatever happens on lockdown stays on lockdown, and the moment lockdown ends we forget it ever happens.
    I don't know what it means for us, it doesn't mean we will definitely have s** again, I think what it means is that we can stop worrying about it and stressing about what if we turn to each other again, its setting a deadline in the future rather than one now and then worrying about breaking it.
    We both feel relaxed and happy now, and absolutely nothing happened last night, so it wasn't an excuse to set aside all our morals. But if something did happen because we were both in need, it's ok because it's in the window.
    I guess the theory is we did the bad thing, once you have done it, what's the difference if you do it twice under the same circumstances, if you know it will end at a certain point. We are grouping our shame, our dirty little secret in to one thing, not many.

    You know what I feel so happy and alive this morning, and a little bit sexy!

  • When I was in the military we had a saying, "What goes TDY, stays TDY!" (Deployment.) Being military members we sometimes would do some stupid things, so depending on what happened we had a "No harm, no foul!" attitude about all that went on. I will agree that adopting this attitude is the best thing for both of you. I am happy that you found a way to take the stress out of the situation, and now you can truly focus on the positives of the situation. Of course on the plus side, your needs are getting taken care of. LOL.
    It will be interesting how things progress form this time forward. Hopefully, the isolation will be ending soon and we all can return to our normal lives again.

  • Yes it's lifted some of the bad feelings for now, and I am happy, nothing else to report, but if it does I will post it here so look out.

  • I did it with my younger sis, 16 yo, on our university vacation. Our parents were out on weekend. She knew I masturbated almost regularly early in the morning - you know how tough is the morning hard-on!! Lately I also noticed that she would watch through the half-opened door my stroking and masturbation acts. This time, I was hiding beside my door and stroking my c***, I noticed she was near the door, looking for me! In one go I slammed open the door, caught her hand whisked her in and dumped her on my bed. Her unbuttoned shirt revealed her 34C b**** - firm, erect nips. I pressed
    them hard till she cried in pain, stopped I put my mouth on her nips to suck on. Soon she settled down and enjoying what was I was doing to her b****. My hand moved to her waist band but it was too tight - I tore it open as she raised her thighs voluntarily. Her p**** was soaked with flowing juices. I drove in my 7" all in to her - she moaned and softly crying in pleasure. While My c*** was entirely into her, I asked her : you wanted it, didn't you?. She moved her head in affirmation. Now her entire body and the p**** were for me. I drew my c*** from her p**** for a bit and slammed hard into her. We f***** till I dumped gushes of my c** and her body started shaking with a series of o******. For the rest of the week end we f***** about a dozen of times ....

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