My neighbour Kirsty's t*** !

I don't believe my luck !
Last night I was sitting in my BMW when my neighbour redhead neighbour joined me. Kirsty is 24' and was wearing a tight pair of short denim shorts.
As she sat down her coat fell open to reveal a nice pair of t***.
Nice t*** and redhead equals b**** !
I said "Kirsty you've got a nice pair of jugs ".
Kirsty replied " Sorry, I didn't mean to".
I said " Can I have a proper look , take your top off ".
After initially hesitating.she did and showed me a glorious pair of t***.
I said " F****** h*** can I feel them ".
" Kirsth", I said , do you shave your f**** or is it hairy ?".
" It's hairy she said ".
I said " Let me see, Kirsty drop your knickers".
Kirsty stood up and dropped her shorts to show me her untidy ginger c***.
I pulled her to me and.buried my face in her pubes as I grabbed her.bum cheeks.
I came in my pants and make an excuse to.leave.
I can't luck as she is 24.and I'm.57 !
I cannot stop wanking !
She has.invited herself to mine for.a drink tonight.
I don't understand .
I want to f*** her son much !

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  • You are saying son? Wtf...

  • It should read:-
    " I want to f*** her SO much".
    B***** auto spell correct interfered and wrote "son".

  • So she was sat in your BMW, yet she stood up to show you her knickers?
    I call bullshit

  • If you read what I actually wrote, I was sitting my car putting nites on my phone when she came and she SAT ON THE KERB next to my car.
    She had her dog with her and had come out of her house and seen me.

  • Last night I was sitting in my BMW when my neighbour redhead neighbour joined me. Kirsty is 24'
    your words BS

  • For f**** sake , read my post again.
    Yes said she joined me agreed.
    BUT I didn't say she actually got in my car !!!
    I didn't think I needed to.
    She joined me for a chat and sat on the pavement beside my car because she had her Alsatian with her and my BMW Z4 is a two seat sports car so she couldn't get in !
    Is that clear enough ?
    For what it's worth I've not seen her since.

  • Oh! A z4, so you're a hairdresser!!!

  • Definitely f****** not !
    The Z4 with a straight six engine is a real mans car. It moves AND handles unlike American cars that only do straight lines because all the USA roads are straight as th fat wankers in the USA can't drive !

  • To continue my previous reply,
    1/ Somebody obviously doesn't know their cars very well. I have a BMW Z4.
    I'll grant you that my previous car 🚗 a Z3 did RESEMBLE a " hair dressers " car as it looked similar to the Mazda MX5.
    The BMW was of far superior build quality.

    The BMW Z4 is a totally different car of excellent build quality and can be compared to the Porsche Boxster and the Audi TT . All three are chosen by people with taste.
    Finally, no, I'm not hairdresser ,
    I'm a door supervisor and with your attitude your NOT coming in !

  • BMW Big Money Waster

  • Lucky b******

  • I know ! Lucky doesn't come close !

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