In sisters bed jerking off while shes not home

I was in my older sisters bd texting her confessing my love for her, and admited how for years ive been sniffing her dirty clothes and c****** in her panties then putting them baack. she said thats not suprising, she figured,and didnt seem to care, i then asked her to text me instructing me to swallow my own c** her her and make her proud.. as i threw my legs back up against her headboard in latched my lips on the head of my c*** and didnt leave a mess, just a hot shot of myself down my throat.. but she said, " com on, you know i cant put that in writng". -what does that mean?
i understand she doesnt want to get caught or messgaes of that, but does that mean she would if she was there in person with me? is she wanting this as much as ive always wanted?, this was 3 years ago, i was 21 she 25..

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