I want to f*** my mum.

Every day I take my 46 year old mums dirtly knickers to sniff and w***.
I adore the smell of her f****.
I w*** in her 34b bra too.
I can't stop.
I love it when I find some of her pubes.
I've got to see her f**** !
I'm addicted to my mums knickers!
I think I want to f*** my mum.

Apr 18, 2020

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  • It’s perfectly normal to be attracted to older women.

  • I love going through my mom's bra and panty drawer. When doing our laundry one time I took her dirty panties and got myself off in them. After doing this a few times, my mom came into the laundry room in he bra and panty. She asked me if I liked sniffing her panties, she told me to get on my knees. She took my head and pulled my face into her p****. She asked if I liked the smell, just then she let go with a stream of p·e, right in my face. I pulled away from her and got her on the floor and got on top of her. I f···ed her hard through her panties. Roped off her bra and enjoyed the ride multiple times. I was 15 when I started sniffing , but f··king her I was 16, my dad however never new. When he died I took his place, we have been lovers for 24 years. I'm 40 now sure is 65 and they s** is fantastic.

  • Lucky boy !!! I`m totally with you .
    I finally got to f*** my mum when I was 19 and mum was 52.
    Mum had caught me with her dirty knickers when I was14 and knew I wanked over her. She Finally agreed to let me see her f**** when I was sixteen after being asked so many times. On my sixteenth birthday mum told me that she knew I used her dirty knickers and offered to strip naked as I watched on one condition;- That she could watch me w*** over her if she stood in front of me naked. Naturally I agreed.
    Mum stripped down to just her knickers, and told me to pull them down to reveal her f****. I was in heaven with a massive b**** looking at my mum`s hairy f****. Mum threw me her knickers and watched as I sniffed them and wanked over her naked as she watched.
    On my 19th , mum gave in and let me f*** her. My best birthday ever , my best f*** ever.... I`ll never forget how my mum`s f**** smelled.

  • Oh you miserable sick f***!!

  • You lucky lucky b******.

  • Just spend more time with her and become affectionate and flirty. Give her compliments. Do some research on flirting and plan it step by step. Take her out on dates and maybe but her a sexy dress?

  • I always loved smelling and jerking to my moms panties it was a major bonus to get a pub stuck in them

  • Yes. I suck my mum:s pubes too and collect them.
    I know she has curly brown carpet in her knickers, I know her bra size,
    I love the smell of her f****.
    Every time I see her I get an immediate erection.
    think I need to move out as I really want to f*** my mum..
    I just want to lay her on her back, pull her knickers down, climb on, grab both her 34b t*** and f*** her hairy f**** .
    I can dream and w*** over my mum !

  • Perhaps she wants you to f*** her,why don't you leave her catch you wanking and sniffing her spunky panties,she knows you w*** like all boys my mom caught me and resulted in us f****** a couple of times she was great f***.take the risk.what can she say.

  • I don't know where to start.
    I can't imagine that she thinks of me in that way, but f*** she is h****.
    I just seen her in the kitchen, I love her cute little bum .
    Mum is petite and I love the smell if her f**** .
    I want to bury my face un her pubes
    I need a w*** now
    Time to find a pair of mums knickers ....

  • What sort of panties does she wear,my mom wore a lot of black panties loved her white c** stains on them so musky and tasty,she got very hairy p**** always couple of pubes stuck in her c**,perfect for wanking over

  • Mum wears full sized nylon knickers that she's had for years .
    Two pairs are multi coloured but my favourite pair are pale blue because it is easier to find her pubes and identity the stains to sniff .
    My mum is 45 and petite brunette.
    Describe your mum and what you do
    Have you seen her naked "
    Are we alike ?
    I'm currently imagining licking my mum out and burying my face in her pubes
    I need a w*** .
    I wish I could f*** her.

  • You there now?

  • Are you there now?

  • Mothers should suck off their sons

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