Girlfriend wants to kick my b****..

My girlfriend (21) confessed she wants to kick me in the b****.

We were having a rerun of Endgame. It came up when Gamora kneed Star Lord. She just said it doesn't hurt that bad, does it? I just ended up changing the subject.

She told me that she has a strange liking for it and would like to try it on me. I feel like trying it out too. I hope it goes well. XP

Is it normal for her like it? And actually wanna do it?

Apr 19, 2020

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  • I'd make a video me getting kicked in the b****. Is anybody interested?

  • I've asked ex-girlfriends to do this. They try it once, some will do it again, but one found it exhilarating. I'm 5ft 10 and she was only 4ft 11, tiny thing, trim, would always wear high heels (and big secretary glasses). She always like to show being small didn't mean not strong, but during s** I loved to rough it up and throw her around a bit. As soon as the first time her high heel hit my nut sack, she got her power over me.

    Every night for the first week, she kicked me before bed and made me go down on her as I was in too much pain for s**. Any argument resulted in her kicking my b**** in anger. She started grabbing my b**** hard to get her way, she even did this in front of her friends, her mum, my best mate. I secretly loved the power hurting my b**** gave her.

    I once let on abut her kicking me in front of her friends and stripping me naked to show she owned me. A few weeks later, exactly as I described, walk into the lounge, her and her friends are drinking, quick kiss and. Huge kick in the b**** in front of all her girlfriends. She then stood above me, her heel pressed against my d***, made me strip naked (revealing my biggest erection ever) and exclaiming how I am her property and she owns me and is my goddess. We go off to the bedroom and ended up having a quickie and I swear I only lasted about 5 seconds!

  • I personally do it to guys. It’s my biggest king honestly for a number of reasons.

  • Where all the girls like you in my life or at Penn state at least lmao...been 10 yrs (since 13 ik weird lol) since I wanted my first kick...still never even hurt mine...

  • Honestly I wish I could find a girl like you around here...never been kicked but always wanted to be lol

  • What are your reasons? How did it develop?

  • Lol does she like to kick other boys in the b**** to?

  • It's her kink. She does it to me only.

  • You should have a video of it I could use a good laugh

  • Unless you don’t try how would get to know...

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