i hate it when white girls think they're african american or latina or mexican and they go around talking with the worst grammar or a fake accent cause they're trying too hard to be something they're not.

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  • You're idiotic and discriminative! This confession is offensive!

  • You are a fraud!

  • you're all stupid and this is a petty comment.

  • Stuff it, blowhard!

  • ^^ I don't think they said black or LATINA girls had poor grammar, I think the comment was about white girls using poor grammar as that is how they perceive people of other cultures.
    Not being mean to you, Latino = man Latina = woman, and being Latino myself, I find your comment especially insulting. I've had nearly the same experience, where a white girl started talking to me with half assed english, which I majored in, you ignorant racist.

  • You race-baiting POS!

  • well black girls do talk with the worst grammer... like 'aint' lol that's all I could think of.... lol.

  • So, black/latino culture is poor grammar? I guess those white girls should stick to their educated upbringing and speak well, instead of dragging themselves down to the level of those uneducated, poorly-spoken, stereotypical minorities. Everyone is just who they are, should white girls get angry at black or latina girls who try to enunciate and use proper language?

  • I hate to say, I have mixed feelings about the OP comment. There are a lot of white kids that have become culture chameleons, not realizing that nine times out of ten, they look like a joke.
    In college, a young black woman that is still good friends with me got in a fight with a young white woman. The white woman said my friend wasn't representin' the people. Thats all it took for that woman to get her ass beat, a well deserved ass beating I might add.
    To the person above me, I don't think the OP should rethink that, a lot of people from different cultures understandably don't want people coming into their culture and just dressing the part, its fairly insulting.

  • I\\\\'m sure there are some ligitimate white girls raised in a ethnic surrounding which would affect their slang and accent.

    I think you should rethink that. It should be just about fake people.

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