Please share m*********** techniques and tips

Hi all, lockdown has meant I am stuck at home, (which is my parents house by the way). I am masterbating loads more because of stress and boredom, but it made me think, there must be more and maybe better ways to make yourself c** that just the classic hand shake, so please share any techniques, or tips you have, any home made toys as well.

Girls you can comment too, either if you know a good way to make your man c**, or wanna share tips for girls, after all we all need this right now, this is about sharing knowledge with all.

Looking forward to hearing from you all

Apr 20, 2020

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  • When my c*** ring vibrator broke, I just peeled off the rubber cover and found inside the small elongated vibrator. Just on the vibrator and insert after little lubrication into your pee hole. You can experience your c*** getting the hardness as if it happened on first erection in your life. It will also give you a hands free climax.

  • Het a short pither for a highspeed blender...squat over it.....u can keep changing the feelings by just pushing buttons....chop.mix.pulse.blend
    So enjoy

  • Pringles can, soft foam insulation, and a condom. Great homemade p****. Lots of instructions online. Enjoy

  • Thanks this sounds quite a good idea, any more

  • I use the vacuum hose lubed up. At first i could only get my c*** head into it. But found wider hose online that allows my entire c*** in it. I lube it and slide my c*** in. Then turn on the power. It gives the b******* l ever had. I get off seeing my c** in the clear dust holder spinning.

    I saw a guy do it on line, I really have no need for a woman's or man's mouth anymore. I also started using a vibrator in my ass and I'm c****** so hard I almost pass out.

    I have no need for anyone now, this is better than any s** I had. I can c** 5 or 6 times a day with the vacuum. She the perfect lover.


  • This is stupid if not done right. Too much vacuum will burst blood vessels and the metal tube is not a pleasant v*****. A p**** pump will give the same sensation more safely.

  • Wow sounds scary, and risk of injury, would not want to explain how I got my injuries to a doctor, any slightly safer tips? Also isn't a metal pipe a bit rough, how do u lube it, doesn't it get sucked away?

  • My wife f***** my ass with a d****

  • That's not m***********

  • Sendme your email adress mine is daviddalley408@gmail .com i can send u pics of my wife to help

  • I'll take some pics of her,

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