Pressing my cousin sis**** b****

My cousin sis is of my age and both are married. Being in india we become busy after less gathering after marriage.There was a time we both started chatting for hours every day and got close.Started chatting like gf n bf just for fun.Later one day we started having s** chats and calls.One day I had to go to her place when her hubby went out due to office work.We were watching a movie and I tried to press her b**** though they were small.She tried to stop but I kissed n presses hard.Later she asked me to stop then asked me to go to bed.I went to bed and she came to my bed telling she can't sleep alone.I started pressing her b**** and kissed her.Removed her dress and inners while she is partially ok to do but didn't show it.At the time of f****** her I was out because of excitement.Later I didn't get a chance to spend time with her like that.

Apr 20, 2020

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  • Can you fakers please cut your bullshit. If your imagination is week, why post fake stuff online on the first place?
    get your s*** together you weirdo

  • How come you are such an idiot?. May be you just imagine things that's why not able to believe

  • I never understand that stupidity of people. This is true story and I'm not here to prove it you.

  • I would really love to get a sexting situation going with my sister but I'm uncertain how to get started.

  • Talk closely and start talking about dating bf,gf etc. This is the starting point. However, this is risky and dangerous.

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