i cant find any good in the world anymore.
i search long and hard.

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  • ^I actually do enjoy being miserable, to be honest, otherwise I might try to be one of you grinning idiots. See people who are miserable are living in the real world, fixing your delusional s***.

  • We're not grinning idiots, we just actually have fulfilling lives. Sometimes people are just happy because they have good lives. I bet you have no idea what that's like though, sucks to be you I guess. Have fun being miserable!

  • ^Actually you grinning idiots with your rainbow sprinkle smiles, and stars in your eyes are warts on the ass of society.

  • ^cheer the f*** up, everyone is sick of all you whiny, "depressed" sons of b******, get the f*** over it already.

  • ^Just shut up.

  • Right when you stop searching, is when you find what you're looking for. There's everything good in the world. It seems to me that maybe it's not the world that is so horrible, but instead the attitude through which you are looking at it.

    Oh, and if you can't find any good in the world, maybe you should start making some yourself.

  • i hear ya. theyre out there somewhere though. theyre usually the ugly ones too

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