Found some messed up s***

So my best mate happens to be the local dealer. Always got the damn good stuff and always down for a good time. Me and his roommate always did him favors and set things right, and for our crew he always kept us goin.
Last fall I was messing around on his computer doing some work when i decided to snoop around a bit. Now my mate had a thing about taking pics or recording some of the gals that wanted his goods, h*** we've known this bc he liked treating his crew. I never snooped for them before but I was curious had he got any of any others that I might not have known yet. Its good to know these things, not that I was gonna be mad or nothin.
Anyways I found em tucked away in some folders. But here's the thing, I found even further tucked away another folder. Also pictures and vids, but the damn mate been fooling around with gals way too young.
Like it wasn't rare for some high schoolers here and there to pop by because they wanna get high, and unlike some at least they were good at paying up. H*** there was this one gal almost legal who didn't mind blowing us for a fix, though I knew for a fact she's been doing more.
But to record this s*** too? And not just prom gals but I even seen em down into middle schoolers. Like dude wtf. But I couldn't stop. He had a clip of him and his roommate sharing some teen. Or pics of that one girl from earlier. S*** he had two middle schoolers getting f***** up. The one that got me worst was this one kid, her mom was one of our regulars and a major crackhead, never cared for her. But like here's my mate with his d*** up her kid while she was passed out behind em. That one got to me the most.
So like yeah, I had to have a talk with my mate about the s*** he's been up to and his pal, and I told em they's gotta stop and delete em all. Like he's been on this game for years and even got buyers. Idk if he's gonna listen though and I love ya man but bro, I sure as h*** not gonna get sweeped up into that. Drugs are one thing but kiddie s***? Nu uh. That's just sick.

Apr 24, 2020

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  • If you get some on those pics and vid send them to

  • What the f*** is wrong with you? Turn him in to the cops!

  • I think he should be turned it for writting such a dumbass b.s. story. That is obviously fake....and all that aside...the third grade level grammer just made it torture to read...

  • I agree, turn that f***** in!!!

  • You love it really, how often do you get the chance to f*** young p****, take it while you can, abuse those little s****

  • I come from a war torn country, give me 5 minutes with you and the pedo there and I'll cut small but deep strips in your and his legs arms and chest and rub chillie and salt into it and then sew it in!

    Hope you and the drugged up dealer die a slow and painful death!

  • What I wouldn't give to have even 5 minutes alone with you in a locked room! Your brains would be draining down the f***** wall you sonofabitch!

  • And YES! I reported your ass, you sick f***!

  • You're one sick motherfugker! Seek help!

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