I dream of Huge d***

Been reading other confessions for awhile and I finally want to get my fantasy off my chest. I’m married and have children. Happily married too but I fantasize daily about being in a gang bang with well endowed men. It’s mostly black men I desire but any huge d*** would do. I want to be a s*** in the bedroom for strange men. I’ll take it in any hole.

Apr 24, 2020

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  • ..me too sweetheart...but my fantasy involves a biker gang that just use me to lube their rods, then throw me into the club kennel to service the guard dogs. I'm not too sure they would be interested in the old neutered salty dog I am today... 50 years ago, sure, but a guy can dream...

  • Mavelamadi45@gmail.com is my email. I can show you my black d***

  • That’s so hot. That’s a lot of women’s fantasy

  • Size isn't everything, my ex was large and I was always sore.

  • So the next guy with only 4 inches would be welcome relief? If so, that gives guts like me some hope

  • I know who you feel except I cheated first and now my desires are planted. Never even considered it until I was at a teacher conference and ended up in a 3some with 2 black men. They were very very big. Did a*** and vaginal at the same time. I came 4 times that night and they came 3 times. I haven’t cheated again and I hope I don’t but my husband can’t make me o***** like they did. I m********* often to the memory of that night

  • I would definitely love to show you my bbc I want it in every hole of yours I'm 10 inches and thick can you handle it we can chat if you interested

  • Have you shared your fantasy with your husband? He might go for it! I would totally support my girlfriend getting gang banged if she wanted to!

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