Panties and pantyhose

I’m a straight male and I love to wear pantyhose and panties around the house. I would love to find a woman that would accept that. I had one woman that did but no longer with her. So now I dress alone when I’m home.

Apr 24, 2020

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  • So, I'm going post again but I had panties stolen, I think licked and wore by my bf why

  • Why my bf does that

  • I have a huge collection of panties bras pantyhose. Wear them everyday. So much nicer than guys stuff. Always wear a nightie to bed. Also wear nappy and pee in them till it leaks everywhere. Best feeling ever.

  • I am a guy, I wish they made men's undies out of the same shiny sexy slinky material that they make women's panties out of.

  • They do google or check on amazon for men’s panties. You’re gonna be surprised how many things they have for men.

  • Just wear panties, I have 24/7 for years now

  • Except no space for my junk. I'd like a guy cut but female material.

  • Bullshit, all you guys think your d*** is so big stop measuring in millimetres, stop buying skimpy g strings/thongs and buy briefs

  • You're alright man. From what I see on the internet there are millions of fellows who do the same things you do. If it is self-pleasing and not harmful to others then drop any doubts and fears. Just feel the sensation and satisfaction you enjoy from it. Cheers!

  • Well said.

  • Well what!!!

  • You men digust me.

  • Why?

  • I tell you why, you are turning tricks

  • What is a trick??

  • What! Are you kidding. Why you want to turn tricks

  • Since I discovered woman's clothes I haven't looked back. Bras panties pantyhose are what I wear each day. Nighties to bed. Dresses and skirts at home. I would also like a woman who understands me and helps me to buy clothes and dress up for her.

  • I feel for you man.

    When I was a boy. I guess my first time in tights was when I wore them in a school play. I was a rat in the pied piper and we wore brown tights and a brown tunic top. Closest thing to a mini dress. I loved both and wore them around the house making mouse noises. After the play was over, I still wore them around the house. I did not feel embarrassed or anything.

    Fast forward to puberty and somewhere along the line I had learned to keep my wearing of tights secret. At least I thought it was. Under my long pants to school and so on. I had also managed to steal a couple of pairs as I grew too large for the earlier pair.

  • When I was 13, I started wishing I could wear a leotard like the girls did for gymnastics. One of the supermarkets for some bizarre reason sold a small amount of clothes and they has a mannequin up high wearing a black leotard. I used to walk home through this supermarket and just gaze at it. One day I picked up the courage and bought one.

    Puberty hit and actually at first I did not m*********. I just had wet dreams and would wake up as I came and the c** would go right up onto my chest. Then I started masturbating in them. Of course they became positively disgusting.

    Anyway apparently mum & consequently dad had known all along about my wearing tights and the leotard.

    One night we had this super awkward conversation "the talk version 2" I guess.

    Anyway the first thing from this was because my mum and dad were so non judgemental, I kind of got a false sense of security. Broken later when I discovered my wife was very judgemental, unforgiving and decided I was sick and broken and needed to be "fixed".

    Anyway after that second talk, I used to just put my tights and leotard into the wash. Mum would was them and put them under my pillow with my pyjamas. The other thing she did, ever the practical person, was buy my a pair of plastic pants. Talk about unknowingly feeding and facilitating the kink. Her logic was that they would contain the mess. I was supposed to wear them over undies and under my tights or leotard but I discovered I liked the slippery feel of the plastic and so I would wear them against my skin. By the time I was 16, I was putting them on and putting in a bit of baby oil and masturbating every night and often again in the morning. Then I would have a shower and wash them. I'd leave them hanging on the shower rail and during the day when they were dry, she'd put them back under my pillow with my pyjamas and tights.

    I wish you all the bets in your search.

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