I’m not a gay, but when I was teenager I had oral s** with my bes

Steve and me, we were classmates and best friends. At age of 12, like most teenage boys, we started to be interested in girls, but girls were not too much interested in us. Often, during weekends, we would hang out at my place, playing video games. Then, at some point, when my parents would take afternoon nap, we would watch p*** on internet. I remember, first time when it happened, we were watching some p***, Steve took his wiener out and started to m*********. So I did the same. I kind of envied him because it was much bigger than mine and had pubic hair - I had none at that time. Then, to my surprise, he went down on me and gave me my first BJ. Feeling was absolutely fantastic. I reprocitated. That’s how the whole thing started. Over the course of next 2 years, we would almost regularly m********* each other and give BJs. It stopped when we were around 14 and started to date girls. Since that time I never had any experience with guys, nor I’m attracted to them. I’m definitely not a gay. Do you, hetero guys, have simmilar experiences ? How common is that ?

Apr 25, 2020

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  • I had so many experiences with my friends during my school years that it would be hard to list them all. My best friend and I used to cut thru the woods on the way home from school to hide in the woods and take turns sucking each other off. We both liked to swallow and we agreed it just made it more exciting to c** in each others mouth.
    I was the first to take it in the ass. I told him several times I wanted him to f*** me then one afternoon he said he waned to and it was great. His d*** felt so good in my ass and when he came in my ass I quickly asked him to f*** me some more.
    I had a lot of s** with a lot of boys in school and many times I would be the center of a good gang bang with several guys taking turns on my ass and having my ass full of their c**. There were a lot of Mexican guys in my school and they seemed to have fatter d**** and loved to f*** and a few had very big long fat d**** and they could f*** forever and c** like crazy so I f***** a lot of Mexican boys and even had several of them at the same time more than once. I had countless sexual experiences with a lot of boys and I never turned down the opportunity to get a nice hard d*** in my ass. Getting my ass f***** was my favorite and having a guy c** in my ass was so hot I wanted c** in my ass every day.

  • I was 13 my friend was 14. We were smoking weed, and he kissed me suddenly and said I want to f*** your ass. I was high and I just dropped my pants and let it happen. It hurt but was incredible. We started using lube after that. We found a way every day for the last 30 years to have a***.

    On his honeymoon I stayed at the same hotel and he f***** and came in me twice a day. On my wedding day I said my vows with his c** in my ass.

    I am completely submissive to him I need his c*** in me every day to feel alive.


  • Yes when I was younger my friend and I would put are are c**** against each other ass but never penetrated. I didn’t even know what gay was. We never sucked or even touched one another. But I do have an ass fetish and love women a****. However I do like to put a d**** up my ass once in awhile. This is a guess why I like ass. Lol

  • Love to have had you suck mine at 12

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