I had s** with my biological father

Growing up my father never was around, he was one of those dead beats that run away and I never got to meet him. Not that I missed him, there was always someone in the family there. Once I got into college though I had it in myself that I just wanted to see my dad, not that I wanted a relationship but just to rub it in his face over what he missed. Mean I know, but so too is running off on a kid. It took me two years to track him down and managed to arrange a meeting at a local pub by his place. I went there with every intention to guilt him but instead we sort of clicked, like we had the same humor and s**** despite never having him in my life. After a few drinks, came the compliments and I just couldn't help it. We went back to his place and had s**. I wasn't think! And after I left and sobered up the regret really set in. I haven't talked to him in years since, partly bc I don't need him in my life but partly bc I'm so ashamed I would rather die

Apr 26, 2020

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  • Genetic Sexual Attraction happens often in cases like this

  • Live your life, don’t feel shame at all. Sometimes the shame comes from the s** actually being good.

  • Hi, you have nothing to feel ashamed about. It would be such a shame for you and your dad not to keep in touch. It is only natural for you and your dad to feel a strong connection to each other and form a very close bond. Genetic Sexual Attraction does happen quite a lot when family members meet for the first time due to very strong emotions. Try contacting your dad and continue to meet him. Also, take some condoms just incase. This is a great opportunity for you two to really get to know each other.

  • This happens fairly often when long-lost family member reunite. I wouldn't worry about it.

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