My Sexy Sister

Just want to say that I am attracted to my oldest sister. She has the hottest body i have ever seen. I know there are plenty of girls who I should be looking at besides my sister, but my sister has me hooked on her beautiful body and i can't stop thinking about her.



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  • Some might think being attracted to your own sister is wrong and immoral . At first , I thought that, but now I gone way past that. I fantasize about her and I cannot get enough of her.

  • Shut theFUCK up once again you proved that you never been with you sister and you also said you want to do you mommy

  • People often confuse incest with abuse which is why there is negatively towards it. As long as the incest is between adults I believe it is totally acceptable. It should be legalized everywhere!

  • Thats just nasty period.

  • I agree!!!!!!!

  • Yes, I know how it is, to be attracted to your own sister with a hot body. It’s an obsession and you are past of feeling guilty. You just want to be close to her and more.

  • Leave your sister alone and find a girl your age dumba$$

  • Can’t leave her alone, she’s way too sexy

  • That means squad. She is your sister and leave her alone and find a girl that is not part of your family. You incest nuts are just that nuts.

  • Why is it nuts? There is nothing wrong with having s** with a sibling.

  • There is plenty wrong with it. What is it? Are you so ugly you need a steak tied around your neck to get the dog to play with you? You can't find someone outside the Family.

  • I wouldn't consider myself ugly and I've had plenty of relationships and I'm now married. I've had s** with my sister in the past and it hasn't caused any harm at all. We used birth control and we had fun. So again, what's wrong with it?

  • Considering that 99% of people don't have incest s e x. Says it's not right. There is so much inbreeding in the pet industry that a lot of pets are getting sick and have defects with them. There is higher risk of having birth defects between family members. S e x is primarily for reproduction and the fun part is only because dirt control. So no it's not right.

  • I meant Birth control. But want to add that if incest was considered normal then in a few generations we would have a large groups of people with birth defects and you know that to be true. So if it's not good for everyone to do then it's no good for everyone.

  • What's normal to one person may not be normal to another. So basically we are all different to one another. Incest between adults isn't illegal everywhere. It should be my choice if I have s** with my sister or not. Me and my sister haven't caused anyone any harm and we had no intention of having kids together.

  • It is sick and tell the rest of your Family and friends about it and tell us what they have to say about it.

  • Perhaps you should do something about it

  • I’ve been hanging around her and she likes my company, because she likes how I treat her.

  • My first question would be, how old are you both?

  • I am 22 and she is 27

  • I can understand your thinking.
    What are you both ?
    Have you seen her naked

  • I am her brother and I have seen her naked. Her ass drives me wild.

  • Does she know you saw her naked and how ? Does she shave her pubes?

  • Yes, she changed her clothes in front of me. She was very nonchalant. I just watched her and fell deeper into her beauty and sexiness.

  • You are a sick incest lovingfuck

  • Even though I haven’t f***** her yet, she let me kiss her and I got to squeeze her ass as I left her apartment. That was my bold move toward her. She was surprised and she liked it.

  • Just get on and f*** your sister!!

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