Crotch gazing

At work there is a guy that is always staring at my big bulge. It is so obvious he doesn't even look away. Sort of makes me uncomfortable. When we talk his eyes stay glued to my zipper. I feel like he wants to reach out and stroke it or something. Should I say something or just ignore it?
We are both married guys..

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  • Does your fat shaft show a big d*** print?

  • "I'm Gay...My Boyfriend loves me to wear Bras and Panties

  • I wear lose slacks but it is so big it just bulges out and flops around... can't help it.. guess I shoud strap it down?

  • Get some snug pouch underwear Obvious brand

  • He wants to know if something is in there, or not.

  • stop wearing tight clothes.....

  • What on earth are you wearing to work that's so tight you can see your junk? Buy some decent clothes, man...

  • ^ Aye, matey.

  • Don't mistake l*** for disgust.

  • he's curious. ignore it.

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