I visit the nude beach frequently

I am a man just turning 40, divorced, tall, fit, well built and recently accidently discovered the nearby legal nude beach.
While fishing at Sandy Hook State Park, I was walking and casting away and covered quite a bit of beach before I noticed something was different: nude people were walking behind me on the sand.
Quickly I put my fishibg equipment away and engaged two older nude men in conversation about the beach and more particularly how everyone was nude. They told me the beach is legally clothing optional for about 2 miles along this stretch.
I thought about the situation for a few minutes, pealed all my clothes off and for the first time in my life started walking nude in public. It was a liberating experience walking naked and free without a care.
I walked another mile or so and noticed a lot of women walking towards me were Indians in Saris and colorful pants. Many of the women were looking at me intently and several had their phones out taking my picture. An American woman approached me at this point and told me I was now on the clothed beach and should leave if I wanted to stay nude. She pointed out a sign on post a short distance up the beach and told me that was the border of the nude part.
Quickly I hustled up just past the signpost and put my gear and my towel on the sand. I stretched out on he towel and watched as a parade of Sari clad women slowly strode past.
I lay there smiling back at the women smiling at me and the realised I was fully erect and pointing to the sky. No wonder they were taking my picture with their phones and giggling. Not knowing if laying on the beach with a hardon was legal, I rolled over on my belly.
Two women who had been taking my picture voiced their disappointment and asked me to roll back over. I was shocked but flattered and told them I was worried about being arrested. One of them informed me that only s** acts were illegal and erections were natural.
They voiced their approval when I rolled back over with my c*** pulsing and pointing skyward again. We got into a conversation, thay grilled me about my marital status, my sexual identity, my employement status, my age, where I lived and frequency of visiting the nude beach. They in turn answered my questions: do they ever get naked (No they only look and take pics), marital status (single), where they live (close by), age (28, 30), frequency of visiting the nuse beach (about once a month), do they like what they see( yes they are into cfnm and never see any younger guys here nude).
I had no idea what cfnm is/was asked what this is and was informed it is clothed female nude male. They told me I was/am someone they would like to see more off and they had several friends that would also appreciate watching me and photographing me. We exchanged enail addresseses and they told me they would love to see me c** but worried about getting arrested. They left but promised to email me to arrange another meeting with more of their friends.
They walked away but frequently turned back to look and wave.
I was pleasantly surprised to see and email from Surita when I got home which included about 3 dozen pics
of me. I did not realize I was dripping precum in most of them.


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  • What happen after?

  • I have been talking on the cell with my Indian friends and since the weather has been too bad for the beach, I agreed to meet at their apartment which is very near to my house. Last Saturday I showed up in just my cutoffs and a T shirt
    Surita and Roshni greeted me with a hug and introduced me to an older, heavy Indian woman they called Indu. Indu was grinning ear to ear and informed me she was looking forward to examing me (wtf?).
    Indian style music was playing and all 3 urged me to dance and " take it all off". I started swaying to the music and pealing off my clothing. I was soon nude, hard and appreachiating the clapping, smiling women.
    Indu danced her way over, grabbed my c*** with one hand and my b**** with the other. She announced she thought I looked healthy enough as she retracted my foreskin many times and got me dripping
    Roshni danced her way over and demanded her turn and soon Surita was right there as well fondling , rubbing and licking me all over.
    She said we couldnt do this at the beach and soon had me shooting c** in all directions.
    After tea and samosa and recovery for an hour we did it again. I spent most of saturday nude with 3 women in saris and finally they kicked me out telling me they would like to have other friends participate another day.

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