Best age for taboo family s**

What is the best age for s** with brother and sister if u have tried it how was it what age was u to did u youse a condom did u. Go all the way how many times . Leave a commit

Apr 30, 2020

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  • I'm guessing, from your grammar, that you're about six years old... and that's wayyyy too young to be thinking about s**.
    If you're older than six, go back to school, you naughty, naughty little boy.

  • So, this my be funny to how do some did grls know to sit on a guys lap, yeah no details pervs

  • F*** my first cousin like 9 different times starting at the age of 44. We did everything imaginable. Best s** I've ever had .

  • Lovely

  • For me and my sister, I was 12 she was 8. Mom brought us to her bed. She showed us what to do and sis and I lost our virginity with each other I came in her.

    After that sis lost her girl/girl virginity with mom.

    11 years later we are all together and so in love. Sis and I only want each other and Mom. We have no interest is other people. Both mom and sis have gotten pregnant during the lockdown it was planned. Mom only 40.

  • Sounds ball draining

  • First time with my sister, I was 13 and she was 10.

  • Did your parents ever catch you?

  • I'm 31 year old Male and my brother and I started messing around when I was 9 he was 7. Jacking each other off then blowing each other every night for years. Last time was 2 days ago he's now 28 me 31 and love sucking each other off

  • Wish I was daddy having a 9 and 7 year old sucking mycock I would have kicked mom out

  • Me and my dad first time was win I was 8 he went slowly it hurts at first thin turns in to the best thing in my life I love having his c** in me we have been at it for years I'm pregnant now

  • Double penetrated 9 year old sister in park toilets

  • Good girl daddyscock should be in you at 8 and he should start yousucking and feeling yourpussy much sooner, I hope you remember that if you have a daughter

  • Same with mommies and sons

  • I would love to see a mummy sucking her sonscock

  • Mine said that her favorite part about giving me head when I was little was feeling my c*** twitch in her mouth as I screamed and writhed in overwhelming pleasure. Don't need j*** to climax.

  • Mine sucked me too

  • How old? younger the better!

  • Started as a toddler

  • Nice I want

  • Sexy

  • Yep now I carry on the tradition

  • The only thing hotter than family s** is a family orgy

  • I f***** my sister when I was 15 and she was 12 both parents working and left on our own a lot it was bound to happen we enjoyed it and f***** every chance we had

  • Lucky bloke getting one 12 that liked tofuck, my cousin was 8

  • Hi, I was 21 and my sister was 13 when we first had s**. But I think it would be best if you are of similar age although that wasn't a problem for me and my sister.

  • Did you do anything with her before 13?

  • Only kissing

  • Kiss herpussy?

  • Lots

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