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Well it is official, got a letter through with a court date set in June of this year. I am being charged for taking matters into my own hands, although i expected this it is still a bit of shock.

I spent so long doing what i thought was right and in the best interest of everyone, doing what i could and when time called for me to involve the police i never hesitated but yet here i am now. A court date and charges hanging over me.

I spent my time finding child p********** online and getting it removed, lent a helping hand to make services aware of the issue, got websites shut down, 1000's of images and videos taken down all of which i have evidence for. I know it was not my place but doing something is better than nothing.

Yet when i got offered by a mother to be the boyfriend of her daughter i did the right thing, i involved the police because her safety goes above mine. It is not the fault of the police i am in this mess, its mine though it still stings. I was good at what i did and made a minimal difference but it was a difference. Now im facing charges.

All i hope is that the daughter was found and is safe, thats all i can hope for. At least then i can say it was the right call. My furigh is non-existent right now.

May 1, 2020

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