How my wife turn me in to a b**** for are dog

My wife complain i was not good in bed said going to fit this she a nurse
She came home one day with pills and something to inject in me i agree to taking the pills and the inject was only for the fist month have s** with my wife ok she went to see her mother i was alone for a week i took the pills and inject my self i was in my bedroom bent over the bed naked as i my head was hurting that when are dog came in he just got on my back start to hump me hard till he got knot in me we stay like that for 15 mins did every day she was away when she came home said me and mum been watch you on the cctv in the house and mum thing your be a better b**** to a dog then a husband to her and that the pills and inject were female hormones that when her mum walk in with box she open it in it was dog face mask and gloves in paw shape the grab me put me in them so i had to walk like a dog then take to the spare room told me this were i live with are dog every day wife give me the pill and inject it been now over a year now i look more like a woman b****** hips she had her new guy who a doctor to give me a s** change operation so now f*** in my p**** by the dog

May 1, 2020

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  • Not sure about you not being good in bed, but you're absolutely SH*T on a keyboard.

  • I’m the wife and he is the b**** to my dog

  • So how is she doing with be pregnancy

  • She ok getting a good big belly had a scan she has 4 puppies in her

  • She give birth to the puppies all are health

  • Fake.....

  • Of COURSE it's fake you silly c*nt.

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