Sex Toy

My lover and I have a strong, trusting and fun s** life. Recently he brought home a s** toy I hadn't seen before. It is a slim belt around the waist attached to another belt between the legs to which a vibrating butt plug and or a vibrator up front too can be attached. It is programmed to work off his phone and theoretically would even work long distance. This thing requires a partner with trust!

We tried it out a few times and developed our technique. First I started wearing some gorgeous support pantyhose to make sure everything stays in place. Second I have a one button call to him if there is a problem when he is "doing me" at a distance in case of a potential problem.

We really enjoy our games. I might be out shopping to a low power massage to my c***. Or he might startle me with a high power shake to my butt plug. I've even had to stop walking and sit on a park bench to o***** when he stimulated my c*** from 10 miles away. Our scenarios go on and on! I love this toy!

As you might guess I enjoy being very submissive and consider what my lover and I do as love, affection, loyalty, service and exciting fun. I love his toy for obvious reasons but also because I consider myself his loving toy and love our close, trusting life.


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