Totally f*** from gay s** with stepson

I'm totally f***** now. A month ago I got drunk and I came on to my 16 year old stepson John while my wife was away for the weekend.

My wife doesn't know I crossdress and am a sissy bottom. She has a very low s** drive. Twice a year is all she wants. On business trips I get to dress and let young guys f*** and c** in my ass.

John said, Dude I only do girls. Your f****** sick.

I started to cry and said I'll be a girl for you. I went to the basement and dressed in my secret sissy stash. 15 minutes later I went to his room and opened the door. John was on under the sheet with no shirt on. He looked me up and down and said, your a sexy b**** come here. He pulled back the sheet and was naked and rock hard. I know you crossdress now I'm going to f*** your ass until Sunday when mom comes home.

Long story short he made love to me all weekend, I was in heaven. John's c*** is huge 10 inches at least. And he lasts and lasts. His c*** hit my prostate every time and made me c** from a***. It was a dream come true. For the first time in my life I was sexually satisfied.

I told him, I was his now. I'll be a complete b**** for him. He said Yes you will be. Now suck me and swallow. I did.

But now it's a nightmare, he demands s** every night and oral with me dressed up. After his mother goes to sleep he comes to my room. My wife and I have separate bedrooms.

Then he f**** me crossdressed. It doesn't even feel good anymore he tries to hurt me. He is raping several times a day. He makes me sleep crossdressed and comes back in the morning and basically rapes my mouth.

John wants me to dress up anytime his mother goes out. Last week I was almost caught, he had just c** in my ass and his mother came home.

I tried to stop him, but he laughed and said, F*** You B****, I'm underage and you'll go to jail. Now bend over I'm f****** your boypussy.

I'm so f*****. What was marvelous beautiful s** is now daily agony. I want to die. The worst part is the hard he f**** me the hard I c**. I passed out last night from my o******.

I want him to love and cherish me and treat me like the girl I am inside.

May 1, 2020

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  • Sorry that you are weak and vulnerable.

  • I am so weak. He brutalises me... violates me...

  • From the age of 15 till I was 17my brother f*** me every night after school went to my friend home would go to his bedroom and said we were doing homework but he f*** me and f*** him enjoy 69 the best as I swallow his c**

  • Sounds like a lie but if you are telling the truth you should get a divorce, until you do you are scum for cheating on her regardless of her s** drive.

  • I can't wait for my stepdad to get home after he's had a few with his friends from work. Mom is a nurse and works nights a lot. He was the first one other than a teenage boy I know to see me as a sissy. I didn't want to believe that I had a thing for other boys until stepdad started f*ckng me...

  • I was trying on my stepsisters panties when my older stepbrother came home unexpectedly and was quite happy with me.

  • My younger brother Dylan would dress is our sisters clothes. He was 13 when I caught him. Dylan looked so pretty. I just took him in my arms and kissed him I was 18. We lost our virginity to each other.

    We have been lovers for 13 years now and live together. He easily passes for a girl. I have only thought of Dylan as a girl since that first kiss. When he turned 18, I gave him a b*** job as he wanted titles so much.

    I love her so much.

  • My brother used me and I love it

  • You are a naughty girl!!!!

  • Damn bro, it’s okay. Keep a good attitude and you will be fine. It’s all about being positive, man!

  • I don't have much strength left and I don't know how much longer I can go on.

  • You reap what you saw

  • Sounds like jail is in your future

  • You're a TEASE .

  • Ok. And what

  • L****

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