We have been best buddies for a long time now. And she was going through a breakup. Which made me take care of her more than what a bf would do. Once while crying she hugged me and we ended up having a long smooch. Seems like she wanted it to feel better, feel loved again. We never spoke about it anymore.
Weeks later she was having one of the bad phases and i was there consoling her again in the car. I felt she needed to feel some love, and one thing led to another and i kissed her neck, pulled up her top slowly and sucked her beautiful t*** and nibbled on those nipples really hard. She wasn't resisting, but wasn't complying either. Only kept hugging me with her eyes closed.
Soon we both were without pants and i looked at her and slowly pushed my d*** inside her. She didn't look at me the whole time only kept digging her nails into my back and moaning in my ears as i f***** her nice, slow and deep for maybe 10 minutes. I finished on her t*** as she looked at me finally. It was most sensual and pleasurable s** of my life! Idk why.
It was all nice and sweet until later that night she started regretting and asking why would i do that to her? She was out of her mind but i wasn't.
I let my d*** do the thinking instead. I lost her friendship weeks later after trying to apologise. A part of me felt she wanted it, to get her mind off of her ex bf. Also a part of me felt she wouldn't approve such an intimacy between us.
The biggest regret of my life.

May 1, 2020

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  • You were friend zoned bro. Sooner or later she would have walked when you no longer "took care of her more than a BF would do" You got lucky and got out and got to nut on her. Sorry to be so blunt, but I f****** hate chicks who friend zone guys they have no intention of helping from time to time. If you don't know my name when you're horney, don't call me when you're hungry.

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