Wearing womens panties.

Im a guy, and i love to wear womens panties. I do it almost all the time. At home or at work, dosn't matter to me. It fits my butt like a glove.



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  • I wear knickers and bra every day. Started late in life wouldn't change now. Nighties to bed each night. Pads in my knickers. Feels so right.

  • They are called panties not knickers numb nuts

  • Good on you, women’s panties look and feel great, my partner does not have a problem with me wearing her panties, she likes it and says I look sexy, when I wear them I feel excited which is great for my partner.👍👍🤪

  • What ever floats your boat there is so many guys here posting that they wear panties bras and everything else. So it's nothing new.

  • Me too

  • Don't wear, sniff

  • Love sniffing and licking

  • I’m rocking the pink crotchless in silk.

  • Me too 24/7 for years now, black hi cuts on right now

  • Not cool

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