Best age for Family s**

What age was your first s** mom dad daughter son brother sister or Uther. How was it .how did it happen . How was it for everyone. How started it . R u still doing it . Ware did it happen Ware did the c** end up.


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  • I was 15 my first time with dad. I seduced him. I can still remember to this day the heat of his c*** inside me our first time... how he grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto him.. how i layed on his chest as he pulled my butt cheeks apart so he could push his length inside me.. his c*** so hard and veiny telling me how much he loved me as he made love to me...

  • I don't think some people honestly realize how common incest really is. Oh also had a thing with my stepmother stepdad. Even had a girlfriend dad catch me sneaking out his daughter's window one night and to punish me he made me suck his d***. Which led to a year of pretty much having to do what he wanted when he wanted

  • I've had sexual interactions with 2 aunts, a f/cousin, 2 m/cousins an uncle and a friend of the family that I grew up calling uncle. Oh and my sister. It started at 14 and went on till my 30s.

  • Ok never had s** but when my mom got Mastectomy I was really the only one to help. Her doctor suggested removing both because her b****** were large. She said just one.
    She should have hadboth removed - she was depressed from the removal as it was. But she was afraid to leave the house. I talked to her about it, trying to suggest she make fake b***. Eventually she talk to me with no shirt. She had this one huge t** with a big ass nipple. I admit I was hard.

  • I can't believe you posted it. Totally true.

  • Sorry posted too soon. Anyway I looked on the internet for large bras and found if you stuff pantyhose you can shape a b***.
    I experimented with mom. I would stuff that huge b*** into a bra and shape the pantyhose b***. It looked good - maybe nicer than before! And yes I jerked off. She looked damn hot in this bra, smoking.
    She would ask me in the morning if they looked even. Poking them out.
    Just one more thing. Her nipple. She became big later and her b**** did too. She had a Christmas dinner for work and came to me, big t** hanging out - with masking tape. She asked me to cover her breast in tape.
    I'm a married man - often when I f*** my wife, I think of my mom standing there smoking as I stuff her bra.

  • You are a sickFUCK dream on

  • Just spoke with her recently about it.

  • 5 and 4 year old son and daughter walked in on me sucking off their father. We yelled at them to leave , but discussed it and thought that they should have a good first sexual experience for the future so we went and got them to bring back to bed. it was one loud night!

  • You are oneSickFuck hope you never have children.

  • She came into money and got two albeit smaller t***.

  • Bullshit.

  • Jealous

  • Why are you here?

  • Too many questions but no ideas!! You are to find answer from among your near and dear ones.

  • No age is right for incest You are posting this so all the incest nuts can start replying about their Pedo incest loving Fantasias

  • As long as the people involved are adults, incest is perfectly acceptable

  • Stop wishing you could FOCK your sister and mommy a******

  • The best thing about incest is that it keeps it in the family!

  • Then why is it illegal? Because it is wrong.

  • Incest is illegal in some countries because the politicians are afraid of priests who say that they believe in a mythical Jewish god. In advanced countries in Europe and Asia, incest is legal. In the UK, a man can "marry" another man, but can't satisfy his own mother!

  • It's illegal because a mythical Jew god said it should be.

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