I am a lesbian In middle who kicks boys in the b**** lol

I'm a lesbian girl in middle school. I don't like boys. I don't have them as friends. They're bad, disruptive and stupid. (Science has shown girls are smarter than boys so they’re literally inferior) But I sure love kicking them in their nuts lol. They go from being so bold to curling up on the floor crying and clutching their b**** lol One little kick in those soft little boy parts and they're down for the count. I love fighting boys because I can just hit them in the nuts and they're down for the count. I’ve fought eight boys and left everyone of the curled up crying. Any time a boy says that boys are stronger than girls, I hit him in the b**** and ask him while he's curled up on the ground crying how tough he feels. The best part is all but one of our teachers laugh with us as they’re squirming around crying lol The era of boys is over. It’s girl time.



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  • Damn wish Ida had a chick around me who'd do that when I was in school lol. How old are ya n how often ya get practice at that now? Lol

  • If you interested in busting some b****, contact me : azrael1736@gmail.com.
    I want to test ballbusting with someone interested

  • Apparently some parents spank their sons b**** as punishment I heard

  • Go ahead and try it

  • Well if I ever meet you and you kicked my n u t s you better make it you best shot. Because when I get up I will put you in the hospital for six months or more. Women or not you will be dropped like a bad habit.

  • Penile envy at its' height ! Poor little carpet-muncher wants one of its' own !

  • Well I'm a guy and I think it's funny to. You think it's funny cause how much pain we in at the time?

  • Science doesn't show girls are smarter, men have higher average IQs, and all the scientific and technological progress is made by them. Women are made for a man's pleasure alone, to look after, cook, and clean, and for pleasure. You're lying, no are teachers OK with a degenerate lesbian woman trying to hurt a superior young man.

  • Can't wait for the day an incel finally gets the b**** to beat you up and rape you. I will laugh on the day it happens.

  • So you are the female version of a sadistic dude. If you were a man, you would probably be a rapist.

  • What have the boys done to u? U don't like them but they probably have done nothing wrong to u so why do u do it? Get a grip and grow tf up

  • When I was in grade 5 there was this girl who wore knee high black boots. Us boys were terrified of her. She would kick us in the shins and b****.

  • #superbitch

  • Maybe I should rape you in the Ass mostly than I will f*** you in your p**** after you crapped on my condom d***.

  • You need d**** in you until they poke out the backs of your eyes

  • Amen!!!

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