I tasted my step sister’s panties

So I was in the shower today and my step sister left a pair of her dirty underwear in there. I have always been attracted to her and I had a strange desire to smell them. I picked them up and tasted her panties and I feel like such a creep for doing so.

May 9, 2020

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  • Best part about growing up.

  • Dude, trust me if all these guys don’t let you know it’s very common, trust me... it is! I just Rex married last year and my wife has a 14 y/o daughter. I’ve been sniffing her panties every day almost since she moved in 18mos ago.

  • Untold pleasures! Yes, there's nothing like that smell and taste of a sweet girls pretty panties, and they feel so wonderful around your package. So good.

  • Love the taste and feel of my nieces

  • You've discovered a whole new world that's going to provide you a lifetime of untold pleasure.

  • Amen to that! I've been going strong for 19 years. I swear I get high off the smell

  • Also love that smell

  • Nothing against it. I've been stealing my sister's panties for years. One time I didn't know she was home and putting clothes away in her closet and I opened her door and started looking in her dirty clothes basket and she walked outta her closet and she got mad at me and I apologised then she was like are you really that h**** and desperate? I said well it's just something to turn me on even more while I j*** off and she was like wow. I then was getting ready to leave her room and she moved in front of me and started to close the door. I asked what she was doing and she started to undress and led me to her bed so she could take my pants off and she gave me the best b******* I'd ever gotten to this day. So now when I'm h**** I just go to her room and lay on her bed and she sucks me off and sometimes actually rides me if she's real h****. But when she's not h**** and doesn't wanna suck me off she just comes to my room with her used panties and trades me out for the ones I already had

  • Don't feel bad, just don't do it again if it bothers you that much. Who knows, maybe she left them on purpose?

  • Nothing wrong with that

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