My wife and her bull bf f*** in front of me

My wife has 3 bull boyfreinds that love to slap me around and make me watch as the f*** my wife.

May 11, 2020

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  • Such bullshit! If true then you are f***** gay and your wife is a worthless s***

  • I wished my wife would do that,

  • I would be so much more attracted to the guys by now

  • You should consider yourself blessed to have a woman in your life with so much SEC hunger that she can"t be satisfied by one man alone. You should show your gratitude by supporting and encouraging her intense infidelities, even extending to her carrying their babies on occasion. You know she wants it, and you know she should have it. AND YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD GIVE IT TO HER. Let the REAL men start knocking her nasty ass up. Yes, she will love it. But you will love it more. Let the bulls ALL breed her.

  • F*** yes, maybe she'll have a f****** litter of calves !

  • Have you sucked any of them off yet?

  • Yes many times, suck c**, creampies

  • Lucky cuckold! I wish I was you!!

  • Ick

  • Admit it you enjoy it!?

  • Yes I do

  • Poor thing 😔

  • It's terrible. Really terrible. And it's not just humiliating. It's filthy.Ewwwwww!!!

  • You will get herpes of the mouth and many many more STIs.

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