Jerking off and getting caught by neighbor in garage

My neighbor is so hot I would often late at night go down to the garage of our condo strip naked and m********* next to her car. Since it was late at night felt my secret would be safe until one unlucky evening I had my earplugs on so I could not hear anyone. So i am using vasoline as a lubricant gking at it and then i hear a loud "what the fudge are you doing!" I was so embarrzssed and she went back upstairs before i could explain myself. I have only saw her a.few times in our elevstor and indeed feel humiliated

May 13, 2020

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  • Update! The following week I bumped into her in the elevstor and she just smiled. I was so h**** that same day I again went to garage and jerked myself off fantasizing her watching me. While I had my eyez closed I felt my balz being rubbed and it was her! We had s** on the hood of her car. Whild this happened years ago i still enjoy reminiscing

  • Don’t lie, you wanted her to see you, the earplugs was part of the plan.
    I’m sure you got really excited after that and m********* thinking about her looking at you.

  • Why next to her car??
    Why not go through her bins for her used pantie liners

  • Dont worry about it. Yes, she thinks you're a creep, but since you havent had cops nor anyone else come talk to you, she hasnt reported you. Just act like it didnt happen, and dont talk about it until she brings it up.

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