I fantasize about me in a trans g*******

I'm a straight 18yo guy that lives in a strict household which is not exactly a problem but I really want to get g********* by two or three trans girls and completely dominate me, make me beg for c*** and s*** like that but I have come to conclusion that it's going to most likely remain a fantasy it's not like I'm a sub or a sissy in my life I've always been the dom and had complete control of everything in s** and I really f****** enjoy it, I don't really know it's coming from but I lately fantasize about it more and more. Btw I'm not attracted to men at all it's just girls with d**** I like more like futas than trans if you know what I mean. Anyway I just had to get it out of my system, thanks for reading

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  • You're at least bi.

  • I get what you mean, I’m straight and have the same fantasies!

  • Yeah..you're gay

  • Yeah.. you're definitely gay and in denial lmaooo

  • Bruh it's not girls with d****, it's guys with t***

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