I was almost in a p****

This is gonna sound really bad, but in my 2nd year of high school I found some s*** ads from a friend of mine on the internet that was local. And well, I just wanted the quick cash. Called them up and told them I was about to turn eighteen and they never bothered to check, not that I looked it. Was asked to send nudes and I did. When I got the date, I showed up after taking the bus to some apartment complex. They weren't doing it yet, but the owner just wanted to do a one on one session. It was nerve racking to go through with it, but like yeah, we had s**. It felt off, and just the way he talked about things. Like, it wasn't just the typical questions like if I've done anything with other girls or been with multiple guys, it was more so like he was asking some pretty strange or personal questions. When he finished up, he wanted to take some photos and I just wanted to do whatever to get this done and over with. Well, he wasn't done and had at me one more time with more photos. Finally, as I was ready to go, he asked about if I would be ready on a set date, with two guys, and I just said sure. He handed me like $300 and told me more would be on the way. After I left and got home, I never back. I even got my phone number changed when I bought a new phone because I was so scared.

May 15, 2020

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  • Why did you like your own confession so much

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