Deeper P**** size??????????

So I’ve been dating a new woman now for six months...everything is awesome...she’s gorgeous, smart and successful.
She even loves sports and p***, lol
Problem is we were having what I thought was amazing s** the other night and all of a sudden as we’re really getting into it, she starts yelling “deeper, harder, deeper!” And I’m like wtf, I can’t go any deeper. I thought it was a one off and then again this morning we’re having s** and again she starts saying deeper harder...
Now I’m freaking out and second-guessing myself...maybe my d**** not long enough for her? I asked her how she liked the s** and she said it was fine...
Now I’m totally worrying that she’ll cheat on me...guys continually hit on her, she is smoking hot and I’m now s******* myself that she’ll find another guy with a bigger d***. I mean I’ve never tonight I was small and never had any complaints...quite the opposite...I’m 7 inches long and 6 inches in girth so now I’m totally mind f*****.

May 18, 2020

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  • You don't have to worry about her cheating because she's already cheating. The reason she wanted you deeper was because she's already getting it hit deeper. Somebody with a monster s****** is pounding her in the cervix with a murderous c*** that you will never match. She belongs to him now. You may marry her, but she will always be his property. And any children she has will be fathered by him. She doesn't want babies in her womb from somebody so pitifully endowed. He's probably married but she wants her children fathered by a real man. Perhaps a black one. You're done.

  • Honey, you got the girth no doubt. I’d love to be stretched. But your lady wants her daddy to pound her cervix. 7 inches ain’t going to do it.

    I think your little lady got a taste of some real bbc. That will spoil a girl for sure

  • Bro chill its just dirty talk

  • Maybe you’re right, never really thought of that...thanks.

  • Better ask her what she think about your size and sort it out. Length doesn't matter but the girth matter. As per medical science the sensitivity of women v***** is 3 to 4 inches and thereafter p**** has no role. Its just psychological of length. Yes girth matters. You said yoir girth is 6 inches, impossible. Check again.
    Good luck.

  • Double checked, girth is six inches...maybe I’m just worrying about nothing. Someone else said it’s just dirty talk, maybe that’s right.

  • Shes guna leave you eventually no matter what you do. My ex dated and was married to black men before me. P****** are like rubber bands they get stretched out and even break like rubber bands sometimes but women never forget what a big thick 10 to 12 inch c*** feels devastating there p****. I guess I compare it to this $40.00 b******* I got from this southern prostitute years ago. She deep throated my c*** and part of my b**** till I combine her mouth and then slowly worked her way up and off my c*** with a strong sucking and completely draining me. It was the best I ever had.
    Your girl is always guna long for that deep damaging penetration traumatizes her p****. My ex came back twice but ended up going back for the big c*** before I broke it off with her.

  • Let her have a guy with a larger p****. Then she can come back home to you well satisfied.

  • I’m not into that. If she cheats I’ll leave her.

  • Spend more time on foreplay and suck her of to o***** by eating her p****. The following c*** f*** should be ok.

  • I’m doing more foreplay for sure.

  • Certain positions allow for deeper penetration I'm a black guy and I'm only eight inches long and 4 in girth and if my lady wants it deeper I lift her f****** legs hold them back plant yourself directly over instead of enter from below her ass like regular missionary and plow downwards it allow an inch and a half deeper penetration or have her lay on her stomach and poke that ass in the air =deeper penetration h*** I been to by every woman that I'm better then all the bigger ones they have had the position makes all the difference and how ya work that s*** h*** eat and rub her p**** in for until she is sensitive the then use one of these positions and break her ass to little pieces in your arms bro you can do it

  • You may also consider to use a p****-extender. It will add an inch or so to your c*** allowing deeper f**** to her enjoyment.

  • No man I can’t do that.

  • A whole story just so you can tell us how big your d*** is. Get a life dude.

  • That’s not the reason believe me.

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